10 IMPORTANT rules of etiquette in social networks

The convenience of social networks and the ability to get instant response often make us forget about good manners. Here are 10 most important rules that will ensure that you don't hurt people and you don't have to regret the consequences.

1. Think before you post

Carefully weigh the words. Inappropriate, rude, embarrassing or offensive post can haunt you forever.

2. Protect your virtual identity

Privacy settings should be impenetrable. A potential boss may change his mind when you see it in the search engine photos from Saturday night's party.

3. Caring for others

Think carefully before to note of other strange photos: they might be embarrassed. And never tittle-tattles at the wall.

4. Delete from friends with caution

Yes, your tape may be Packed with news barely acquaintances, but it is always better to quietly mute, than suddenly to offend people.

5. Communicate only sober

Drunken speech, rash messages, the heartbreaking recognition — communication in social networks after abundant libations brings nothing but shame and regret.

6. Cover your tracks

No check-in, if a little embellished their plans in front of friends or colleagues; the same applies to others: don't click on the photo, not to accidentally give out.

7. Update your personal status only in complete confidence

Do not update your relationship status until you're 100% sure that you are converged/diverged/converged again. Any change of personal status gives rise to rumors.

8. Keep the negativity to yourself

The public nature of Facebook does not tolerate too sensitive information or breaking bad news. If there are no forces to remain silent, call a friend, and it is better to meet in person.

9. Write to the PM

If you want to say something, send a personal message. Do not post on the wall, let the conversation between you.

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10. Do I know you?

Remember that many of its subscribers on Facebook you barely know in real life, so poosteregsya share with the world personal information. And never add to friends strangers and it's weird. published



Source: ru.insider.pro/lifestyle/2016-10-28/10-pravil-etiketa-v-socsetyah/


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