How free radicals affect our health

It's not just the current fashion for slim set: extra weight, even a small, significantly (though from time – quietly) reducing the health the fact that man becomes himself a producer of dangerous FREE RADICALS.

What are "free radicals" and what they опасны


The individual with the above the ideal weight for him at a 30% utilization of glucose (i.e., splitting her energy, carbon dioxide and water) is reduced by 30-40%. This means not only that such a person requires 30-40% more sugars in order to maintain the same physical and mental activity, as a person with an ideal body weight! This means that glucose nederasselt in a cage until the end. And the result of this "cellular indigestion of the stomach" is the production of an enormous amount of free radicals just where they most easily do the most damage.

A free radical is a molecule of any substance, which is torn by the chemical reaction ( high temperature frying, for example) at an arbitrary position. Such molecules in the rupture site remains a free electron, which certainly tries to join any other molecule in any suitable place. If this molecule is part of a living cell, then the cell is applied to the damage. And if this damage occurs in the DNA – information of the helix, carrying information about the structure of any living being, that is the risk of information failure, which can lead to cancer.

At the cage, of course, there are many ways to heal the hole from the free radical (although it is best, destruction at all to avoid). One of them is antioxidants. They always have in stock one "free" electron which they share with the same free radical, making it less corrosive.

To overeat is to deny the body vitaminology antioxidants the body needs for other purposes in addition to neutralizing radical elements. Most of the antioxidants are common vitamins (A, C and E) and carotenoids, essential for the formation of the same vitamin A.

Without vitamin And quickly begin to falter and the immune system, and thyroid, providing the body with hormones that support the desired level of metabolism.

That is, people exposed to excessive free radical attack (this is called oxidative stress), robs precious vitamins your immune and other systems.

Vitamin C is used as a component for the production of collagen – a protein that provides firmness and youthful skin, The same vitamin C that the body needs to fight against stress: it helps to neutralize the damaging effects of the "stress hormone" cortisol, which in particular is accelerated aging of systems and tissues of the body and the destruction of the immune defence system as a whole: not neutralized stress hormones destroy the thymus is one of the key organs of the immune system.

For 40 years the majority of people it loses half of its mass. And to 60-70 in most people tissue of the thymus gland and is reborn in the connective and fatty. The result – endless illness, low immunity and the destruction of the cancer defense of the body.

Vitamin E supports, in particular, and sufficient moisture of the skin necessary for protection from the attacks of free radicals on the fatty (lipid) sheath cells. When elevated expenditure of vitamin E (or its lack in the diet, commonly observed now) fats inside the body are oxidized by free radicals and form stable compounds with proteins. These connections from the outside are manifested as senile pigment spots.

"Spots" can be avoided by providing a sufficient amount of vitamin E in food. But to cure it is practically impossible: these compounds are destroyed by free radicals of fats with the protein elements of the tissues of the body extremely strong.

And it should be borne in mind that, in addition to its own domestic production of free radicals by excessive weight, we also consumed a huge number of them fried and refined food, polluted exhaust air, tap water, dust and other products and the consequences of bad environmental situation. So the decrease in own production of free radicals inside is often modern man is literally a matter of survival.

So the modern view of slimness as beauty and health, absolutely justified from the point of view of medical! However, if you decide that the author encourages you to immediately and drastically to lose weight, you really underestimate author's good intentions! Any kind of radicalism in a relationship with his body is always fraught with unpleasant consequences!

Let me remind you that all kinds of diets, suggesting (and promising) rapid weight loss based on a single, common to all principle, they significantly limit the calorie intake. It always gives effect. However, this effect is always temporary and took out the exorbitant price of effort and heavy losses. Yes, a significant reduction in caloric intake entails a reduction in weight. This decline is mainly not due to fat loss, but — due to the discharge of muscle tissue and release accumulated in the tissues of the body of water.

Restrictive diets and "mindless" sport — harmful, Any restrictive diet, no matter how "Kremlin" or "star" it may be, necessarily and involuntarily leads to the lack of nutrients in the food. In particular, any diets, not provide the body with the whole range of 50-70 thousand are necessary for a healthy and vigorous functioning of substances, lead to the fact that after their health worsens, the body becomes flabby, low energy and constantly hungry.

Thoughtless and wrong sports burn scarce resources, and man once breaks down. Then he breaks down again and again, losing the remnants of faith in the diet and itself, and often gains weight, even more than before the diet.

The food quality is the basis to achieve the perfect vespoidea any forcible restriction of amount of food without a fundamental change in the approach to its quality and composition – is meaningless. It is necessary to change the approach to nutrition: it is necessary to provide the body with the whole range of 50 – 70 thousand are necessary for a healthy, vigorous, safe and satisfying life substances. We:

  • we reconcile all the processes of metabolism;

  • restore disturbed by excess starches and sugars hormonal balance;

  • remove food addiction;

  • return the body to its natural health.

Weight reduction will happen naturally as a result of the restoration of the natural balance of the body. It is not as fast as if you follow restrictive diets, but it brings a stable result. And at the same time – forever!

To achieve your ideal weight without the risk of gradual destruction of the security systems of the body, you need to make your daily diet of:

1.the maximum number of fresh herbs;

2.high of unprepared vegetables and fruits.

It will give you high amounts of vitamins C, A and carotenoids. In addition will provide a large amount of fiber, which your intestinal flora will produce the entire group of b vitamins. Fiber also has the ability to absorb toxins generated from clearing fat blockages in weight loss. Vegetables and herbs are also very rich in phytosterols that reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Also, be sure to eat raw nuts and seeds to add to salads vegetable oil unrefined cold pressed virgin: they have large amounts of vitamin E and good for your heart and arteries phytosterols.

Walnuts, hemp, flax and camelina oil contain omega-3 fatty acids, very necessary for the body to repair and build cell membranes. Only – do not overdo it! The maximum dose of Flaxseed oil is from one-half to one teaspoon a day. And nut, hemp, or saffron – 2 teaspoons a day. Greater amount of fraught with risk of capillary bleeding.

But animal fat should be reduced: they contain neither vitamin E nor phytosterols, and a large number of "empty energy" and cholesterol. Animal proteins, especially in adulthood, it is better to replace vegetable: meat, cheese, cottage cheese, fish and seafood is best to eat no more than 100 grams per day and try to replace them with nuts, seeds or legumes.

Here is a brief – basic rules "free radical" security!

Be well, and all delicious.published

Author: Max Pogorelov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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