How to treat dry eye syndrome

In the developed world with the syndrome of "dry eye" is familiar to 20% of the population, and the frequency of detection is on the rise. Patients thus complain of pain in the eyes, burning, redness, feeling of "sand", dryness, or, conversely, tearing. Also appears irritable reaction to bright light, blurred vision, fatigue when reading.

Inhibition of the function of glands that produce lacrimal fluid, is the major cause of dry eye. The lacrimal gland can not work well due to a number of factors:

  • heredity and age-related hormonal changes in the body,
  • the use of certain anti-allergic, diuretic, vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • chronic diseases — scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and others.
Sometimes, the lacrimal glands secrete lacrimal fluid enough, but she with the eye surface instantly evaporates. There can be different reasons:

  • the abuse of TV and computer, accompanied, as a rule, with rare blinking;
  • indoor use of heater and air conditioning;
  • pathology of the structure of century and trauma.
Dry eye sometimes causes increased lacrimation: tear fluid is produced, but it decreases the amount of mucus, proteins, fats, i.e., its quality is deteriorating, it appears a lot of water. The causes can be vitamin deficiency, low fat diet, disruption of the liver and kidney, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The syndrome of "dry eye" it is easier to prevent than to cure. To do this, eat right and take vitamins, drink plenty of fluids, walk in the fresh air, regularly ventilate the room and wipe the floor with a damp MOP, as well as every 40-50 minutes to arrange breaks for 10-15 minutes, sitting at a computer. It is important to switch "near" vision on "the future" — e.g. to approach the window and look at the objects located in the distance. And helpful exercises for eyes:

  • exercise 1: blink. This action strengthens muscles in the eye area and provide hydration of the eyeball;
  • exercise 2: circular rotation of the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • exercise 3: squinting lower eyelid. The head must be kept straight, look ahead. Without changing the position of the head, glancing up, then prismriver lower eyelids until the shaking muscles.
If preventive measures and exercise is not enough, to reveal the true cause of the syndrome of "dry eye" needs a doctor. Self-treatment is not recommended. Without a prescription when absolutely necessary eye drops can be instilled no more than 5-7 days. Properly selected drug will temporarily lead to the improvement of health, but long-term use will be useless and will cause even more dryness of the mucosa of the eye and atrophy of the lacrimal glands. The doctor will choose treatment methods, including the use of "artificial tears", and vitamin courses, and in exceptional cases – surgery.

But most often the syndrome of "dry eye" in healthy people, occurs because of the daily long work behind a computer monitor. For the withdrawal of its traditional medicine offers a very simple herbal recipe: eyebright and St. John's wort mix in equal proportions and pour 1 teaspoon mixture Cup boiling water. Infusion is advised to drink and make him eye lotions – the effect would be immediate.




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