35 laws of life that constantly haunt you. You will be very surprised!

Have you heard ever of Murphy's Law? Certainly for sure! And other laws? It turns out that the world of their incredible amount. And what is interesting - even if you have not heard about them on you, they just checked! Do not trust? Then read the 35 laws of life, and you'll understand why things are going that way, and not otherwise.

1. Neighboring queue always moves faster. (Observation Ettore) i>

2. If nothing else helps, read, finally, the instructions! (Axiom Kahn and Orbena) i>

3. It is necessary to start searching from the wrong place. (The search) i>

4. Always have the time to do the work as it should, but the fact that its remake, now located. (Law Meskimena) i>

5. The solution of complex tasks are assigned to the lazy employee - he will find an easier way. (Law Hleyda) i>

6. For those who love sausage and respect the law, I do not see how to do both. (Sausage principle) i>

7. Teamwork is very important. It allows you to put the blame on the other. (Eighth rule Fingeyla) i>

8. You will always be missed either of time or money. (Corollary Lerman) i>

9. The first 90% of the work-consuming 10% of the time, and the last 10% - the remaining 90% of the time. (Rule of the timing of the project) i>

10. Whenever you tonsure nails, an hour later, they need you. (Law Whitten) i>

11. Came the need to knock on wood - discover that the world is made of aluminum and plastic. (Law Flagg) i>

12. All work is easy to a person who does not have to do it. (Law Holt) i>

13. Who can - do. Who can not - teach. Addition of students: Those who can not teach - teach, how to teach. (J. Law. Shaw) i>

14. Any order that can be misunderstood, misunderstood. (Army axiom) i>

15. People agree to do the work of any complexity, when the need for it has disappeared. (Law of voluntary work Zimergi) i>

16. Expert - any man of our city. (Rule of Mars) i>

17. Experience grows directly proportional to loss of equipment. (Postulate Horner) i>

18. I never fail to do one thing. (Law Hardin) i>

19. At the very interesting exhibits there is no name plate. (Law zoos and museums Jones) i>

20. No talent can not overcome the addiction to detail. (Eighth law Levi) i>

21. A man with one watch knows for sure what time it is. A person who has a few hours, nothing is sure. (Law Segal) i>

22. What is stored for a long time, it can be discarded. As soon as you throw something, you need it. (Rule interdependence Richard) i>

23. Lost is always in the last pocket. (Law Buba) i>

24. You can not advance to correctly identify which side of the sandwich anointed with oil. (Law waywardness of nature) i>

25. Hot bulb looks just as cool. (The first law in the laboratory) i>

26. Corruption in government has always been reported in the past tense. (Uotergeygeytsky principle) i>

27. The most benevolent usually those furthest from solving problems. (Principle Alin) i>

28. Among economists, the real world is often considered a special case. (Observation Hongrena) i>

29. For sensible reasons, nothing is done. (Law O'Brien) i>

30. For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism. (Postulate Harrissona) i>

31. Who pays the least, most complain. (Law of professional practice Drew) i>

32. No matter what someone goes wrong. Maybe it looks good. (Scott's first law) i>

33. Unbreakable toy is useful to break it more. (Law Van Roy) i>

34. All great discoveries are made by mistake. (Law Yang) i>

35. What would you no matter what happens, all this has already happened to someone from your acquaintances, but it was even worse. (Law Meader) i>

And do not tell me you did not. It turns out that life - is predictable, but we did not yet know. I am still under the impression from reading. And if you, too - certainly share with my friend this post. I'm sure he will be no less surprised!

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