6 phrases that are more than just "I love you" ... Seize your chance to tell them their loved ones!

"I love you" - this is probably the most coveted three words in the world who wants to hear every once in your life. They are able to bring joy, affection, happiness, enthusiasm, confidence in the future. People think that when they hear the cherished phrase everything in their lives to come to order, the relationship will move to a new level, and the second half after such a verdict would be close to the end, until death do us part.

But why did not love so often brings nothing but disappointment and sadness? Why are people who say that they love each other, eventually diverge? Why marriages are destroyed? Why is listening to another song about love, you feel not happy, but sad? Where do broken hearts? As a person you say these sacred words at one point could be a stranger to you?

No, it's not because that love - a bad feeling. It is such a beautiful and always. Just the phrase "I love you" is so jaded that no one does not believe her. People simply do not take these words seriously. Is banal phrase that is now stored in the draft message phones can express the depth of feelings and emotions that overwhelmed you?

Believe me, there are other words that sound much more convincing and touching than the usual "I love you." I'm sure your other half I would like to hear them. Hurry to tell them as soon as possible!

1. "I forgive you».

I forgive you for all the bad things you have done or will do to me. For all the words that you say rashly. For all errors, large and small. I forgive you when you least deserve it, because at the time you most need it. I forgive you, because I want to and you always forgive me, because no one is perfect.

2. "I sacrifice for you».

I will sacrifice my time for you. I'll be with you when you can not sleep at midnight. I'll hold your hand when you're afraid. I'll wipe your tears when you cry. I'll be happy all your successes, even the smallest. I'll take care of you if you suddenly fall ill. I'll even when no one else will be gone. I am glad that there are people for whom it is worth sacrificing a.

3. "I respect you».

I respect you for who you are. I respect your opinion, ideas, principles and outlook. I'm good, even to your whims. I see you as a man with his own thoughts, desires, dreams and hopes. And I treat them respectfully.

4. "I will support you».

I will support all your endeavors. I stretch out my hand to you when you'll need it. You can always rely on me. I will raise you if you fall suddenly. I will support your every important decision.

5. "I will defend you».

I will protect you from any adversity. I has saved you from pain. I will never humiliate you. I will not allow anyone to humiliate or hurt you. I'll be your sanctuary where you can hide from any adversity.

6. "I am attached to you».

I will not leave you. I'll be here for you again and again. I set priorities. I will do everything to ensure that our relationship lasted forever. I think you're an important part of his life. I see my future only with you.

Some may argue that all these feelings and have components of love. What, you just someone who likes it automatically implies that the person you appreciates, respects, supports, protects, forgives. Yes, in an ideal world, all it is. But, as the bitter experience, many are increasingly forget that should conceal the real true love. What's important to be with someone who is not limited to just utter the cherished three words. What I want to be with those who will be with you no matter what. And see you.

Things to time to say those necessary and important words to someone who deserves it.

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