Letter to the Pope of his 14-year-old daughter

On Facebook a few days of treatment the woman was walking to his own daughter. Of the 15 points. Many have read, many sherili and laykali. But I thought that I, too, have something to tell her daughter.

I put in front of the above text, point by point, as it were, it said. I'm not a psychologist. I'm not a teacher. I'm not the best father in the world, but very fond of their children.

The following text - not an agreement of intent or decent relations and memorandum. And some items in it may well someone does not like it. But I would venture.

My appeal to the 14-year-old daughter

1. I never I will not drive you out of the house - either 3 years or over 30. At age 18, you will have plenty of options: you can go to college and I'll be rooting for you and help you all the time while you learn. Of course, I want you to be involved in family life, but I was also a student, and remember well that all his five years at the institute, I was engaged in amateur performances. And, of course, I did not earn anything other than scholarships. But we survived somehow. And you, my girl, survive.
And you can not do in high school and go to work. Remember, my daughter, if you're doing things you love - I do not know what it is: painting, dancing, singing, secretaryship, growing cacti, trimming hair and nails others, archiving of books in the library, digitization of photos - anything! - Then you're going to think about money at least But soon he noticed that for the work that you do with love and joy, you pay more than. And then even more.
Am I ready to fully support bezdelnitsy 18 years? Well of course not! I myself quite normal selfish. If you live with us, but do not earn - make a contribution to the rest was easier: cleaning, washing, cooking. But you will not be very happy to such a role, right? So, very soon, you will pick up a job for everyone. And yes - your room with her sister will always be your only bathroom

2.. You are very good. You're beautiful. You are smart. You're wonderful. You are cool. You're funny. I know you still only 14 years old, and you - is a huge world, which rose as if by itself, but also with my participation, yes! And you can be better, much better - most importantly, do not stop or change direction. If we decided to be a good person - go ahead! The world will take you with open arms. And if not - your positive still win it. Do not be afraid to be kind and open - we are easily and quickly arrive at an after naplyuyut soul

3.. All my life I tried to be an example to you. Stupid, maybe, I'm a boy, even though the pope, and you're a girl. But you always see that I do not lie, do not steal, do not try to outsmart or gain honestly do my job, I love it, and most importantly - you always know that I love you. We are different, you are absolutely independent person (I saw it already when you turned a few months), and I will always respect your choice and your values, and in return I want you to respect my And if I listen to the Beatles, then you do not curve the nose, and I do not ask for quiet Imagine Dragons, if it does not interfere with neighbors (though this, too, I fell in love with the group - by the way, thanks to you or your sister!?)

4. I really want to learn anything from you not to wait. This perfectly mastered the art of my father - your grandfather. He calls me on Skype, saw my sleepy face and is happy as a child, that caught me in touch. And if I can talk to him no more than a minute - he's just happy. And if I find half an hour for him - the joy is immense and does. He intervened in my life, yes. They, along with my mother explained to me the advantages of higher education. They really wanted me to get a diploma - no matter what. "It is my duty - to give you a higher education - said Mother. - And then do what you want »
! This position was passed on to me. < Earn a degree, and then - in doing what you want. But I always answer, if you ask for my advice.

5. You do not owe me anything. I did everything that was in my power, and even more: he worked three jobs; He jumps up at night and rushed to the hospital with you; instead some sleep after the night shift, I walked with you, dying of fatigue; you sang the song; I am listening to your school stories about friendship and nedruzhbu. < I have done and continue to do so, not because it is - my parental duty, but because I love you God knows what will my old age, and whether it will be -. Anyway, but life is here and now. It is necessary to catch every happy moment. When you go into your adult life, it was the memories of these moments will fill me with joy. And, by the way, you, too. The most important thing is that you keep this atmosphere in my family - I'm sure

6.. You have a house. The doors are always open. Whatever happens in your life, I'll be there if you need it. I will support and compassion, I sympathize and try to help, even if you do not ask. And I will intervene, yes! Because no one dares to hurt my baby. I will not allow anyone to lay hands on you, insult or humiliate. You deserve only love (Lord, and it is written by a man who had just yelled at you, forcing the exit of VKontakte and finally start doing your homework!)

7. I have my own life. But I fell on the whistle, throw their case for you, sacrifice your comfort for the sake of yours. I can not help it - because I love you. What else can I share with you, but love? A fairy tale? You listened to them all the first years of its existence, and then, too. Songs? You remember them by heart. Stories from my life and your childhood? Well, maybe. But in any case, know this: I love you. < Call and come at any time. Together, we can handle any trouble.

8. You have your own life. But I'm still in it interfere - you remember? Before you get married, you've come to us with her future husband? In our house everything openly and honestly. We can easily and happily every day talking to each other "I love you, you're good, you're good," and the like, to the one whom you choose, was the same. Because the closed and clamped the man you will be hard. Of course, you can do as you are told to the heart and soul. But I am confident that our family relationships have taken root so deeply that we are, of course, enjoy your choice. If not, well ... We'll have to work on yourself. Do not we first do not we past - handle

9.. In every person's life at times appears someone who starts to hurt him. Do not enter into a battle, do not try to outplay, outwit. Sooner or later you will find yourself in his field, and he (or she) is required to replay you: take business assigns an idea, would lead a husband or friend, makes a mess at work, you are opposed to the collective. < Remember the girl: it's not because you're bad. This is because otherwise these people can not, they definitely need a victim. «eats" you will be accepted for the next. The only way - to distance. < In general, you come home, we will discuss. We can handle.

10. The world is very fair arranged. < Any resound thy good deed ten good response. Any bad ... Yes, exactly. Bad deeds of bad people, too, returned to him. I know sometimes it's little consolation. But the world is in balance, and even a strong imbalance quickly bounces back. < So: do not do evil to another - and you do not. Do Good - will return. And try not to respond to other people's bad behavior is bad. These people will be rewarded according to the Supreme Court. Because up there, it is very closely watched for balance.

11. None of us knows for sure what is capable of. Sometimes it seems that the forces already on what not, and then suddenly - again! - And appear fresh. Sometimes you think that the most intractable problems in this life, you have got it. Nope. They battered me. And my mother. Yes to all! And then torment, hurt, weep - you look, and the solution appeared. < You can do it with any problem, my girl! Well, we're always looming somewhere behind his back - just in case I do with something I can posekretnichat, I have a word to anyone.! All will be well.

12. Do not pass the buck. Since the age of majority only you are responsible for their actions. But by helping you (repeat again), I will never give up - in the best of their ability, of course, because it is not young, alas. Of course, we must help - just as we helped our parents. And they - their parents. And those - them. And so on. We have so accepted in the family, my dear, do not be afraid. To the right. By the way, then you're just going to help your children. And they - your grandchildren

13.. Calculates. Every action has consequences. Maybe you do not foresee everything. But his shot count maximum. < The more you imagine variants - the smarter your behavior (this, incidentally, the only point I copied word-for-word from the text of the very woman who, as it were responsible in absentia)
14. Whatever happens in your life, remember what I wrote above you! These 13 points, in my opinion, will give you a feeling of reliable support, and a loving family will make your life calm and confident. Go and live, my girl! My dream is to your life was better and happier, and I will be happy if you can do it!

15. And further. You will want to cry - come home, then fully vests! And always keep your phone charged - because at any moment I can call to remind you how much I love you

! Pope

Published with permission of the author.
Author: Oleg Bulhak
Preview: Béla Jarzyk Production

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