Why women can not meet the man

Normal men are extinct as a species, agree? Many women agree. And even believe though in earlier times it was much rosier. And I remember netlenku "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" where Catherine (Alentova heroine Faith) complains about exactly the same thing. In 1981, among other things. In 1981!

It creeps seditious thought: maybe not in the case peasants

Where are the real men gone? I would argue that the question itself is wrong. These men have not gone away (where to go, if it is not an accurate measure of the existing standard, but rather a value judgment, essentially subjective?). The problem is not that the men there was something unusual.

< The problem is that many women wrongly assessed the potential future husband.

How it looks in practice: a woman focuses on a small, very poor set of features that attract her attention. If a man is this set of issues - like him. Do not print - do not like it (men, by the way, exactly the same mistakes, but he saves the less demanding of beloved)

. This, incidentally, is quite intelligent behavior: how else stands out among the crowd of the elect? We are looking at a potential partner in a variety of situations, we relate to in some way, who lives somewhere in the head, and a verdict: suitable or not

However, there is a catch:. Is not always a man can give this set.

temporary blindness Here is an example. Two men approach acquainted. One behaves gracefully: moderately sharp, moderately cautious, fairly persistent, fairly eloquent. The second says random, mumbles, could not keep up the conversation.

Which one is more like it? The first, of course.

< Who among them would be a good spouse? The big question.

The first well-acquainted, but does this mean that he will be the perfect husband? No, it does not. This means that he is well acquainted only. Well, it can still mean that these acquaintances he had fifteen thousand, fifteen thousand this first acquaintance, and not for the second fifteen thousand mountains.

A second man met bad, because he has no experience. He acquainted only ten times, and only once successfully. Does this mean that the other man is a bad husband? No, it does not. This means that it has little experience in dating. Maybe (maybe!), This is the second man can be a good spouse. < But the woman did not notice.

Another example. For example, a party in honor of the birthday. She comes to his girlfriend, there's two guys. Externally, more or less pretty, but one clamped and sits quietly in the corner, and the second - the soul of the company. The first of the evening only once tried to say something to this girl, and then came out sloppy, second all night curled and loach did not leave a single step. Question: which of them would be a good husband

? Again, no guarantee that the second will be a better husband. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the second is really a joker. Maybe the point is that he knew almost all of the company and its competitor did not know anyone except the hostess evening. Therefore, the second one was in sight, and the first kept a low profile.

But many women seem that the second class, and the first is not. They first did not even notice. < And then, when the second would be fun, but, say, frivolous, they complain that normal men do not.

In fact, they are. Just some women do not notice them

main secret Many people (not only women but also men) do not know the main:. The most important factor for a good love relationship is the territorial proximity. When people work together, or live near, or are in the course photography, the chances that they will learn and they develop relationships, significantly more than in all other cases.

Why is that? Because of the time co-host on the same territory have time to look to each other. During this time, people find themselves in a number of different situations, and have a better sense of who is worth what. Such situations, which are described above, much less.

Consequently, the wiser choice. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to seek specific men, and a place where women and men together, and alongside engaged in any activity

summarize all that I want to say. Dear ladies, if you complain about the lack of women in your life, look like anyone you choose. And, if you can give a chance to those men, that once you are not interested.

Look to him: silence men, difficulty in getting acquainted, inability to entertain you small talk does not say how it will be her husband. Many intelligent men do not know how to take care of - affected by the lack of experience and a certain shyness in front of female rejection. < But, giving a chance to such a man, you can easily get along with him all his life happily.

And I have all, thank you for your attention!

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Author: Paul Zygmantovich
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