It turns out that the habit of sleeping for a long time can harm your health! Find out what you're risking.

Virtually every person in his spare time and affairs tends to sleep off. As a rule, this is due to lack of sleep during the week, and the desire to "make up for" lost his watch. If you consider yourself to fans for a long time to luxuriate in bed, I dare to tell you the bad news: this habit can cause great harm to your health. According to the latest data, the long sleep can cause the development of many diseases, as well as to provoke mental and physiological disorders in the body.

.cc introduces you to unpleasant consequences that may result from the habit of long sleep. Maybe it's time to get up?

1. Increases the risk of depression.

Last year, a special study in which researchers found that sleep duration is directly related to depression. Participants experiment that sleeping 7 to 9 o'clock at night, there was only a 27% chance of developing depressive symptoms, while those in the bed nezhilsya nine hours or more, the probability is increased to 49%.

2. Degrade the performance of the brain.

Studies have shown that those who sleep more than 10 hours a day, there are disturbances in the brain. Moreover, prolonged sleep negatively affects the state of memory and concentration.

3. Less likely to get pregnant.

A group of Korean scientists, who studied the health of more than 650 women who agreed to artificial insemination, came to a stunning conclusion. Pregnancy is most often seen in women who slept 7 to 9 hours a day. Those who slept 9 or more hours, much less been able to get pregnant. But so far not established the causes of this phenomenon, because at birth is influenced by many factors.

4. It increases the risk of diabetes.

American researchers in the 15 years examined the association between sleep duration and the risk of various diseases, found that people who sleep more than 8 hours per day, the risk of developing diabetes by 50% higher than those who are not accustomed to long stay in bed . Furthermore, this pattern occurred irrespective of other factors of the disease, such as weight, age and smoking habits.

5. This leads to obesity.

A set of excess weight can have people sleeping at night for 9-10 hours. Every year increases the risk of disease, even with regular physical activity and normal diet.

6. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

During the experiment, which involved more than 72 thousand women were received confirmation of the fact that excess sleep provokes heart disease: a sleeping every night for 9-11 hours at 38% increased threat of disease compared with those who slept 8:00.

7. This can lead to early death.

People who sleep 7 to 8 hours a day live on average 15% longer than those who daily sleep more than eight hours.

Immediately revise their sleep habits! Adults enough sleep between 7 and 9 hours per day. Oversleeping can carry negative consequences for your health. Is this an hour or two in bed is worth it to take that risk? I will say even more: excessive sleep is more harmful to the brain and overall health than the lack of it.

Take care of your friends, sleepyheads, tell them what they risk.

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