Wedding gift from his father brought the bride to tears. So express your love can only Dad ...

What could be more fatherly love for his daughter? And when his little girl gets married - to the Pope is a serious shock. We even can not imagine how difficult sometimes dads express their love. But the father came up with a very unusual way.

At the wedding of the daughter of the bride's father played a surprisingly lyrical song «I loved her first». For the purposes it is ideally suited for such a solemn occasion, but that's not all. The fact that the bride, Nicole Cortez, worked as an interpreter for the deaf, but because the pope performed the song in sign language. In order to learn this complex composition, he needed a whole year! Nicole was deeply moved by the act of the pope. And this video proves once again that there is nothing more beautiful than love.

It's hard to keep from crying when you see how his father the way his daughter. Getting married, do not forget about it. Show this video to her friends, I'm sure they raschuvstvuyutsya not a joke!


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