20 universal laws of the universe

Law repair of equipment - when your hands are stained with waste oil / grease in general, dirty, you itchy nose, or terribly want to pee.

The law of gravity - any small object, nut, bolt, screw, falling on the floor, flies to the farthest corner and inaccessible.

The law of probability - the probability you are given, are directly proportional to the stupidity of your action.

The law of different numbers - when you're wrong number, at the other end is never occupied, and someone will respond.

Law alibi - unless, late for work, you tell the boss that you have a flat tire, the next morning you are really run-flat tire.

The law of variation - should you be reconstructed from slowly creeping row to another, like the one where you just were, she begins to go, and stop your tightly.

Law bath - when your body is fully immersed in water, make sure the phone starts ringing.

Law of close contact - the probability of finding someone whom you know increases dramatically when you are with someone with whom you would not want to be seen.

The law results - when you have an hour to convince someone that the computer / machine / machine does not work, they fucking start working.

Law of Biomechanics - more scratched in places where it is impossible to reach.

Law events - any concert / theater / sports podium, after all people come whose place furthest from the aisle, and they will leave the place several times to go to the toilet, for food, beer, call, or even to leave before the end action. At the same time, on the aisle seat will necessarily sit - either fat or lanky guy who wait for the final credits, is not budging. In addition, the passage somehow sit always the most gloomy people.

Law lockers - even if in the dressing room will be only two people, they will be adjacent lockers.

Clean car law - known to all motorists. It is necessary to wash the car, make sure it starts to rain.

Law logical argument - everything is possible if you do not even know what all say.

Law of feedback - should you be pleased that on Wednesday evening you drive without traffic jams, or, at the airport at the front desk there is a single person, and to voice this bright idea out loud, as you immediately get up to many kilometers traffic jam or get stuck in a queue on border control.

Law marketing strategy - once you find a product that you really like, it is removed from production, or it turns out that it was produced in a limited edition.

The law of coffee - once you get a cup of coffee, as necessarily the boss calls and asks something urgent to do, what you are doing exactly to the moment, not yet discover that the coffee has cooled completely.

Law sandwich - not even buttered piece of bread necessarily seek to fall back to where dirtier.

Act doctor - if you are not good, you make an appointment to see a doctor, and exactly from that moment you become better. By the time the campaign to the healer, you feel perfectly healthy.

Law-fly - if you are flying very early / very late flight, and you want to sleep, for your chair is sure to be a child who will shout and hammer away in the back of your number down. With high probability we can say that his parents will also be irresponsible. On the day of the flights are almost never happens.


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