The benefits and harms of vegetarianska

This term has long been on everyone's lips, and the popularity of this power system is growing by leaps and bounds. Let's more understand the species and the health effects of this lifestyle.

        Vegetarianism has 4 main areas:

lacto-ovo-vegetarianism (of products of animal origin are permitted eggs and milk);

lacto-vegetarianism (only milk);

ovo-vegetarian (only eggs);

veganism (no milk, eggs, even honey is not always appreciated).

Those who admit the food consumption of fish and seafood, vegetarians can not be considered. For them, there are terms such as pescetarians (ryboedov) and pollotarians (for those who like birds). There is even a funny direction as freeganism — eat meat products, if they are free and if will be discarded (but not lost).

For a long time vegetarianism had its name. For example, in tsarist Russia, the power system has been called the “Pythagorean” or “Indian”. In the late nineteenth century, the British invented the term known to us, based on the Latin word vegetus — “cheerful, healthy, fresh”.

A typical meat-eater to vegetarianism will not bring any benefit — only harm. Categorically impossible to refuse what your body requires.

        Vegetarianism from a medical point of view

Some doctors do not recognize vegetarianism as beneficial for our body food system. It's easy to explain: strict vegetarians (vegans) often bring themselves to the extreme exhaustion unbalanced diet and lack of essential micronutrients, and this is a direct path to infertility, anemia, nervousness, premature wrinkles, hair loss and brittle nails. Vitamin B12, proteins, calcium is only the beginning of a long list of what you are depriving yourself fanatically fasting individuals.

But other experts are only! Spared from eating meat, proponents of the “vigorous and fresh” lifestyle are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, asthma and even cancer. In addition, life expectancy vegetarians longer than meat-eaters. This is due to the fact that they do not get the toxins contained in meat: not had time to digest, get intoxication with all the ensuing consequences! In addition, the current broiler chickens and hogs grown in an expedited manner, are a storehouse of hormones, antibiotics and food additives.


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