Soy sauce

Soy sauce is one of the most popular products of Asian cuisine. The product is obtained by fermentation of soybeans under the influence of a special fungi. It looks like a dark colored liquid with a characteristic pungent smell.

The sauce can replace us in the dish is salt, oil, seasonings and mayonnaise. It contains no cholesterol, and calorie content per 100 grams of product is only 55 calories. Soy sauce all nutritionists recommend for healthy eating, but if you are dieting, you should choose the sauce with low sodium.

History of soy sauce originates in ancient China, where thousands of monks for religious motives had to replace dairy products and meat to soy. In the end, they learned to prepare vegetarian cheese, which has replaced cow's milk with soy (tofu) and of course, soy sauce. To say exactly when it appeared no one else can. But we know that after some time the production technology was the Japanese. In this, as we know it today, he appeared during the reign of segoshi dynasty, Iyasu Tokugawa (17-19 century), in the period when the development of Japanese cooking.

It is recommended to use soy sauce to people who have food allergies to animal proteins. Also, it is useful for people suffering from disease of the cardiovascular system: coronary artery disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction. People suffering from obesity. Diabetics, as soya is considered dietterapiei means. People suffering from chronic constipation alimentary nature suffering from chronic cholecystitis. Those who suffer from pathologies musculoskeletal (such as arthritis and arthrosis).

Harm and contraindications of soy sauce:

Harmful consequences of the use of the product are linked to the method of its production. Modern manufacturers, seeking to reduce the cost and accelerate the manufacturing process, add in soy sauce artificial food additives. To accelerate the production, use sulfuric or hydrochloric acid with alkalis. Soy sauce by some manufacturers contain GMOs. This product contains large amounts of salt, so it can not be used suffering from diseases in which it is contraindicated. To soy sauce to benefit the body, it is necessary to choose the product of natural fermentation.

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