Herbo - green box

A bit of history. All around Japan for many years been exerting its efforts in landscaping their territories. They grew high climbing plants on the external walls of their buildings, homes and other structures to lower the internal temperature of the building. Thereby save money that had to pay for the electricity that air conditioners consume mercilessly. Moreover, the greenery – the perfect urban landscape.

This idea was inspired by the Japanese designers-Hsu Hao-Po, Chang Yu-Hui and Chang Chung-Wei to create a "green window".

Herbo – a rain shelter and a garden for herbs grown on the window. Sounds strange and unusual.
Herbo is a unique and unconventional combination, but one that really works! In other words – a ‘tray’ that enables people to grow small crops for their Windows, shielding their interior space from the rain. Locking Herbo upstairs you lock your Windows from harsh sunlight and rain. At the same time the plants are watered and grow under natural light.

To ensure that the water does not get in the house and on the window – this is a special ledge, so that the liquid poured between Jerboa and the window frame. And the holes are on opposite sides of our small plantations serve to eliminate excess water in the tray.

Herbo – winner in the nomination "Best design project" in 2012.


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