Bottomrule is the best way to enhance and decorate a beautiful well-groomed body. Coming to us from ancient India, bottomrule deservedly received recognition and popularity due to its safety and the possibility of its easy to wash off, as well as with a variety of shades and techniques of application.

Bottomrule is the design on the body performed by special paints and natural henna. This stylish and colorful body decoration is perfect to show off and attract attention at the party, the disco, the resort, when you create a stage image and photos.

Resistance bottomrule most depends on factors such as the structure, smoothness and oiliness of the skin. On dry skin it keeps better, and to draw firetosky pattern on it is easier.

Do not think that the temporary tatuirovka is a new invention. Drawing with henna is known to mankind in ancient times. It was widely used in Ancient Egypt, and Central Asia. But the greatest popularity and spread tatuirovka henna found in India, becoming a real tradition. The secrets of application of those or other patterns are carefully stored and handed down by masters from generation to generation. That is why the henna tattoo, applying everywhere in Africa and Asia (mainly in musulmanki countries), was not known in Europe.

In those days the tattoo will certainly put a special magical or erotic sense. Henna definitely applied in India to the face and body of the bride before the wedding. Illustrations and ornaments, the groom could know how much his wife-to-be familiar with the rules of carnal love, surrounding and saw how rich this is, what blood flows in her veins. Technique tatuirovaniya even mentioned in Kamasutra.

Henna is for Hindus a cult plant. It was used even as a medicine and disinfectant, in much the same way as is now used iotova tincture.

The advantages of biomaterial

  • The main thing – that tattoo can be washed off in 1-2 weeks, without any harm to the health and appearance of skin. If you want to keep the tattoo longer, use the technique of updating of a picture. This can be done unlimited number of times.
  • The way to decide on a pattern and color for a future permanent tattoo.
  • Paints used are hypoallergenic, and the pattern is not applied with a needle, and a brush that does not violate the integrity of the skin.
  • The ability to frequently update the pattern and create any look you want.
  • Resistance to water makes it possible to use the tattoos at beach parties and resorts.
  • The variety of shades and sparkles, different technique.
  • Reasonable price.

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