5 reasons why I became a vegetarian

I am constantly asked why I gave up meat and become a vegetarian. Some tell me that this is nonsense, others - mocked. There are some people who support me in my seemingly unusual effort to not eat animals. The most important thing - to vegetarianism is not indifferent people, and therefore it is still something changes. But what exactly? And why 2 years ago I decided to take the same decision, that really changed my life? In this article I will try to interpret the 5 main reasons for my vegetarianism and thus convey a personal experience of how everyone can change their lives, the lives of others and to make a contribution to change the world as a whole.

1. Healthy lifestyle

In my life there was a period when almost every day I was sick, I was sick and the general state of health I was terrible. All the fault was the wrong food and alcohol. I will not talk as if I were an expert on healthy diets (as do many residents like the Internet and incompetent doctor). I will say only that, in my understanding, there is a healthy food. This is the food that primarily do not harm the person. Meat - harmful product. It is a scientifically proven fact, just read the Wikipedia article on the meat section "The role of meat in human diet."

Note the percentage of protein and minerals in meat (it is minimal) as well as any diseases regular consumption of meat might lead (cardiovascular disease and even cancer). When I became a vegetarian - it was my first step to a healthy lifestyle, then I also refused to alcohol and nicotine. In 2 months I was rehabilitated and felt quite differently. And so I feel every day now through fruits and vegetables.

2. Natural

I have in life is the principle of doing things the way it was originally intended. Especially if these things relate to human nature. I like the feeling of naturalness. It loosens up and makes me free. What should a person do unnatural? Take the poison. Alcohol, nicotine and other drugs - poisons and using them temporarily a person tries to feel happy at the same time depriving themselves of their natural understanding, poisoning your body and mind. If herbivore feeding meat - it may die. Violation of the laws of nature - only leads to death.

The food, which is intended to be eaten by one kind, can easily lead to the death of another kind, such food for them - poison. Man is not carnivorous. To prove it is not necessary that if he eats raw meat - or it will be bad, or the person may die from intoxication. To deceive the nature of the meat is treated with reducing the threat cadaver mass. The damage from the use of this "product" is not going away, it only acts slowly. How do you feel yourself when every day your body is easy poisoning? When I became a vegetarian, I feel it a hundred percent. I felt so light that it is impossible to describe in words, it is necessary to just try and survive the most!

3. Humanity

We all want to live in a peaceful world without wars and violence. In a world where our children can carelessly walk down the street and not be afraid of being robbed, raped or killed. They like people to talk about morality, humanity, religious values. But a species can be moral when he openly despises and destroys all other forms on the planet? One eastern sage once said: "If you do not want to live in pain, then do not bring it to others." Man - really the most cruel and terrible animal, it proved our history.

I often say a great folly: "The animal was killed anyway, I did not kill him, why now I can not eat it?". Is it so difficult to guess for whom the animal was killed? As long as the consumer does not think about how the supply and demand in the market, and this wine is not only our education system, but also of himself, the market of alcohol, tobacco and meat will flourish. Head to think in this situation. Humane vegetarianism question for me is very important because I do not like hypocrisy, it is not natural. I could not kill the animal himself, even if they gave me a good knife. So why, for me, it should do more?

4. Intellectual development

Vegetarianism is also a part of my spiritual practice. That state of ease and naturalness that I get by excluding from their diet of meat, fish and eggs are a great help on the path of spiritual development. When I began to regularly eat fruits, vegetables and other foods vegetarian diet, I realized how much is really nice for the soul and the body products I missed. This power extends the range of flavor and thin perception. I can give you my personal guarantee that people who replace meat with vegetables and fruits feel the world differently.

Awareness of a vegetarian diet developed sensibility, which is very important in our times, when human values ​​are going to be destroyed and suppressed. Sometimes I think people forget that such feelings and lose the ability to love and to live with an open heart. After years of vegetarianism, I decided to try to go to yoga and I was not really surprised when I learned that half of my group are vegetarians. People who aspire to true spiritual attainment is almost always chosen this path. And I understand them. Vegetarianism changed the way I experience feelings.

5. Contribution to the improvement of the world

I believe that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of our, common around the world. Most people do not realize that they can change a simple refusal of eating meat. Production of meat - the main cause of hunger worldwide. Unbelievable? To make 1 kg of meat requires 10 kg of vegetable protein that would feed the cattle, which then feed the rich and fastidious people west. Instead, it would be this vegetable protein feed of about 6 billion (!), Assuming 100% vegetarian all people. Why die each year 11 million only children from ailments or diseases caused by hunger?

The answer is simple - to people who have money have the opportunity to "tasty" meat meal 16.8 billion farm animals. Okay, now think about it. How much food that would feed most of these, nearly 17 billion animals? Just as much as it would be enough to feed the hungry, not only the regions of Africa, but the entire world. History proves once again human cruelty not only to other species, but also to himself.

Hopefully the article will be useful and will come across some thoughts of all who read it.
Remember - you can always change the world around you, it's only your life


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