Gem emerald

Emerald is one of the most precious stones.
These crystals emit pure energy glowing green. Green - the color of the heart chakra energy, so it is considered a symbol of emerald happy and boundless love. Emerald crystals help to get rid of negative energy, adjust their owner in a positive way, bring success in your undertakings. These unique stones give a person the strength needed to solve problems and overcome life's difficulties.

Green color we see everywhere - in the trees and in the soft grass, creeping beneath our feet. Nature is full of glowing green energy. It is embodied in the stones, emitting a bright green light, one of which is emerald. It is believed that glow emerald heart chakra opens, letting the human soul love and grace. Emerald has many remarkable properties. For people born in May, emerald - a wonderful talisman and amulet. Emerald ring for lovers - a symbol of eternal love and happiness.

Origin and meaning emerald
The name of the emerald was from a Greek word meaning "green stone". Emerald crystals belong to a large family of beryl and are widely used in jewelry. Rich deposits of emeralds are in India, Russia, Zimbabwe, African countries, Egypt, Austria, Brazil and Colombia.

On the world market are considered the most valuable emeralds from Colombia, they have won worldwide recognition for its high quality, unique structure and clean bright green color.

Emerald - a green stone, but colors of these crystals has a wide variety of shades. Some of the stones from the beryl family completely colorless, such as Goshen. The group also owns a pink beryl morganite, often called pink emerald, yellow or yellow-green heliodor, a rare dark red beryl and aquamarine blue-green.

Green beam of your life
Green beam teaches us to check out all life on the planet. Feeling green energy helps to change lives for the better. Your emotions and love living in the heart, in common with the Holy Love, the purest and highest form of love. A man who knew the sacred love, builds his life according to the laws of spirituality and harmony. Emerald radiates energy, which directly affects the emotional state.

Compassion, hope, generosity, gentleness, kindness, comfort, loyalty and unconditional love - all these emotions to some extent depend on the energy of green light. Happiness and well-being is inextricably linked with the manifestations of these emotions. We are all blessed ones enclosed in the physical body. Unfortunately, many of us do not see or do not let into your life energy spirituality.


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