A week before Easter

Icon with the face of Yanukovych made in Lugansk. This resonated installation made Luhansk artist Vyacheslav Bondarenko and opens a series of works "Miraculous civil saints».
Author installations and his colleagues from the Center for Support of Audiovisual Arts Luganda House will hold a "procession" to the icon Yanukovych saw the largest possible number of people, according to "East correspondent».
"Icon made of candy boxes and colored stones. My job was started as a joke, irony about the sacred relationship to power. Especially seriously I was not applicable. But the reaction, which is caused by work on the Internet, where a lot of thought I did really Yanukovych icon and worship him as a saint, made me laugh and upset at the same time. Means something in the minds of our people is not so, since they can take candid banter at face value. Therefore, we decided to bring the situation to the point of absurdity. Once there is an icon, and will be a procession. Can icon even zamirotochit "- said he hoped Bondarenko.
"The action is purely aesthetic and not political. Provocateurs are anathema in place. Take your time - just who uzreet image "civil saint" descend aesthetic grace and pokraschennya life ", - said in a statement.
Fully supports interesting initiative and hope that the gallery "Miracle civil saints" will be systematically updated. Worthy candidates for sainthood is more than enough.


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