What is the real value of life

The man turned to God with a question: “what is the true value of life”? He suddenly appeared in front of him. To answer.

He gave man a precious stone and said: “Know the value of the stone, but don't sell it.”

The man took the stone and decided to follow God's recommendations. The first person he saw on his journey was a seller of oranges. He approached him and asked how, in his opinion, is that stone.

The seller of oranges was very impressed with the stone and said, “I'll give you this stone 12 oranges.”

The man apologized and said that the Lord asked him not to sell the stone.

Next he saw a peddler of vegetables.

“The cost of this gem?”, — asked him unhappy. He looked at the shiny stone and says: “Take a sack of potatoes, and I'll take a stone as payment”.

The man again apologized and said that he could not sell it.

Then he saw a jewelry shop. And decided to ask the cost of the stone there.

The jeweler examined the stone under a magnifying glass, said, “I'll give you $ 100,000 for this stone.” And when the man shook his head, he added: “Well, I'll give you $ 150,000. Just give me this stone.”

The man patiently explained that he could not sell it. To leave, he had a lot to apologize for. The jeweler was very upset.

He had a long walk around the “seller” and asked him where he took this beautiful ruby. When he saw it, his eyes tears appeared.

“Where did you find him, he asked. — Yes, even if I sold all my world and my life, I will not be able to acquire this precious stone!”.

The man was shocked. And did not understand what happened.

And then he again was God.

Now tell me, what is the value of life, God?”, he asked.

God replied:

“The answers you received from the seller of oranges, the seller of vegetables and jeweller, and had to explain to you the value of our life...

You can be a jewel, even with something priceless. But people will always judge you based on their level of information. They will assess you according to your faith, your motives and whether you're able to entertain them. Their assessment will vary depending on their ambition and willingness to take risks.


The FATE or choice of the SOULthe Love of a man is his resting place...

But don't worry. One day, you will surely find someone who knows your true value”.

In the eyes of God nothing is more precious than man and human life. Respect yourself. You are unique. No one can replace you! published


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