CHOOSE GEM, and we will tell WHO YOU ARE

What do you like most? The choice of stone can tell a lot about you ...

Select one of the jewels in the picture above.

What do you like most? The choice of stone can tell a lot about you ...

1. Pearl
If your choice - the pearls, then you are a person with a sense of pride and dignity. You are wise, often helping others, and in your home always perfect order. You are calm, kind and always think before you speak.

It is possible that the choice in favor of pearls also says that you're close to major changes in life.

2. Ruby
If you like the ruby, which means you - the person deceived, passionate and energetic.

You are always ready to ride the wave, and you know what to do to make the blood boil again. You full of energy, but most of it is spent on windmills.

3. Brilliant
If you chose the diamonds, then you - a strong, decisive and proud person. You give strength to live all around you.

You - a man fearless, brave, and the main value for you - and more new adventures.

4. Blue Topaz
People who choose this stone, usually calm and collected. Such people that "they all uneasy," and for good reason: they know how to enjoy life in general and its individual trifles in particular.

Your energy has a calming effect on others, and your communication skills are impeccable. And they just do not just help you in life. Useful to continue.

5. Peridot
If you choose this stone, so the main thing for you - the search for your true "I" and harmony - both with others and within themselves.

Peridot - a rare and mysterious stone. Find him or under, or on the ruins of the fallen on the surface of our planet meteorites. So you - a man of rare and precious.

6. Aquamarine
You are probably very like the ocean. In life, you all know how very compassionate person who knows how to listen.

At the same time you are energetic and crave new experiences. It seems to their own problems you treat more indifferent than to the suffering of others.

Do you think that to live a good life - so live it cheerfully and with pleasure. Boredom - that sometimes prevents you breathe.

7. Tanzanite
Tanzanite people love sensual and passionate. You have a great need to love and be loved.

And you - the owner of unmatched intuition. Most trust her. She rarely makes a mistake.

8. Citrine
If you like citrine, then you - a creative person. Of these, as you say, "spicy trick».

But you may also be warm and kind person. You - the ideal partner for work and family. For many of you - a ray of light in a hopelessly gloomy sky.

9. Pink Tourmaline
By attracting people tourmaline soft, sensual and compassionate. They tend to be frank and even a little naive.

However, this does not mean that you are a wimp. If the stone grate or heat it emits electricity! It's the same with you. You hard to ruffle, but if someone could - beware!

10. Amethyst
You - a lively, intelligent and agile man, if chosen amethyst. You exude power and confidence. There is nothing that would stand in your way.

And despite the fact that sometimes you too love to enjoy life, you're a good parent.

They Say The Gemstone You Choose Reveals
Your Fate. Mine Was Right On! via Lifte


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