To see a person, you need to gaze intently

Notice how quickly change our opinion about someone? Is anyone close to us to go against our notions of correct behavior and his "rating" in our eyes drastically, and if you do something good, then rises.

Diploma about the additional education rate rises, incomplete higher or specialized secondary — falls. Competent oral and written language — another plus in the rating, put the wrong accent or made a mistake — a minus. Expensive car — plus, cheap — minus. Many parameters taken into account in the preparation of personal ratings of those in our communities, and do we see people for all these items?

It seems to me that the earth go roam the millions of invisible and often see not only each other, but also themselves. See body, see clothes, see cars, see the house, but himself a true to see all this can not.

Endless identification with the world of material things leads a man so far from himself that sometimes he really starts to believe in the impossibility that life, except that laid in his head since childhood. And laid our heads most often, the social patterns by which we evaluate ourselves and other people.

Inthe area of personal relationships are also very many rules and ideas about how it should be, and often they are exposed to all of these oscillations to have a list of pros and cons even stronger than in the social sphere. Fits in glossy universally accepted standards of beauty — plus, does not fit minus. Smooth skin — plus, the wrinkles appear or take. Pounds went to a plus is a minus, but sometimes went in the negative, and that's a plus. Sometimes of course, the pounds in plus is still a plus and a minus is a minus, but we won't go into so as not to get lost in all these intricate schemes define the parameters under which...

By the way, Yes! In which what? You can love someone or not to love? Give him your care and support or not? To open his heart or not? What effect all of these lists? And how often they need to be revised?)

There is something more in each person, something deeper and more significant than his appearance, his words, his behavior, roles, masks, and status. Yes, in fact, as we show, our environment often shapes their attitude towards us, as we form our attitude to the environment, but!

And behavior, and words, and the appearance of the person too heavily dependent on the environment in which it grows and develops, so not always it reflects the true essence of who is currently in front of us.

People can change a lot in itself — that is true, but the point at which he decides to change, may occur at any age, and it happens before we met and got to know that person.

Every one living on Earth is a boundless beauty, great depth and incredible wisdom, but often we get lost in the roles we play and masks that begin to wear. It is not always clear how to look at another to see the original plan of the Creator, and not just that — you have to start with their prisms to understand.


It's biology, nothing personal: the Hormones responsible for the duration of family relationsis the One who ruined your mood, did this...

Look carefully at themselves and those around. If you remove the status, material, outside, inside? What this soul came into this body, put on her clothes, got in the car, tried on the mask and plays the role? Do you know her? Sure, you know? But if you take a closer look? I assure you that if you look long and hard for any man to look with a desire to see, to listen with a desire to hear, if you really want to discover the world of someone close, you can see such incredible beauty, that did not guess. published


Author: Dean Richards




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