Strange kid (6 pics + 1 video)

This baby name Bo, the first time you could recognize who it is not, and the second too.
Too mysterious creature, particularly in the small age.
Well, there are thoughts?

In fact it is a viper, and her name is Bo (Beau). She lives in an Australian zoo Taronga Zoo, but she was not born there. Very tiny cub was found on a forest trail, perhaps he just fell out of my mother's handbag.

Echidna (Tachyglossidae) belong to the order of monotremes. In the same squad, along with part of the platypus echidna, another Australian original beast.

Externally vipers are like a small porcupine, as covered rough wool and needles. The maximum body length of about 30 cm. Their lips have a beak-shaped form. Limbs echidna short and fairly strong, with large claws, so that they can dig a well. In vipers no teeth, mouth a little. The basis of the diet are the termites and ants, which vipers caught its long sticky tongue, as well as other medium-sized invertebrates, which crushed the viper in the mouth, tongue pressed against the palate.

The female echidna three weeks after mating lays one egg with a soft shell and places it in his bag. "Incubation" lasts ten days. After hatching, the cub nourished with milk, which is released in the pores of two milk boxes (monotremes have no nipples), and remains in the mother's pouch from 45 to 55 days, as long as he does not start to grow needles.


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