70th anniversary of the siege of Leningrad

January 27, 2014 will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet troops complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade of his Nazi troops
With 14 -on January 30, 1944 was carried out offensive, dubbed "The January Thunder," and also known as Krasnoselskaya-Roopshinskaya operaatsiya, "Neva-2." As a result of this operation, the troops of the Leningrad front in the framework of the strategic Leningrad-Novgorod Offensive against the German 18th Army, completely freed Leningrad from the enemy blockade.
As a result of the operation of the Leningrad Front destroyed Peterhof, Strelna grouping, drove the enemy at a distance of 60 - 100 km from the city, released Red Village, Ropsha, Krasnogvardeisk Pushkin, Slutsk and in cooperation with the troops of the Volkhov front, completely freed Leningrad from the enemy blockade .

The Siege of Leningrad - one of the most tragic pages in the history. It's a long 900 days of death, hunger, bombings, despair and courage of the citizens.
No city in the world in the history of warfare is not paid for victory as many lives as he gave Leningrad. During the years of the siege were killed, according to various estimates, from 400 thousand. 1, 5 million people. So, at the Nuremberg trials figured the number of 632 thousand. Man. Only 3% of them were killed by the bombing and shelling, and the remaining 97% died of starvation.
Eternal glory to the residents of besieged Leningrad, the eternal memory of the heroes of the defenders, to all those who showed incredible courage and sacrifice, defending and preserving the city for future generations.




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