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Stunning views of the 360-degree panorama opens due semkeEsli you already enjoy the view of the most interesting webcams in the world, you are sure to enjoy the panoramic views from which is simply breathtaking! The guys from Airpano more than a year engaged in shooting the most picturesque corners of our planet, using high-end equipment. As a result, they do convey such great shots, depending on who understand that life is not seen equal to nothing. Editorial has selected for you 20 of the most Soul Plane (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) panoramas, after watching that want to pack your bags and book tickets.

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Iguazu Falls, Argentina - Brazil

Iguazu consists of approximately 270 separate waterfalls. Their width reaches 2700 meters, but only in total. All the waterfalls are separated by a multitude of islands of different sizes, and they are connected by bridges, which can take a stroll and a better view of all streams. The largest waterfall is the cascade of ominous name "Devil's Throat" and is the border between Brazil and Argentina. The width of the "Throat" - 150 meters in length - 700 meters. In form it is more like a horseshoe, and crashes down on it 14 high-power flows.

The famous Niagara Falls "in the background Falls looks like a stream of water from the kitchen tap" - these words belong to the wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor. And the first lady of America is not exaggerated impressions. The height of Niagara Falls from Canada - 53 meters and in the US, because of the heaps of stones, and all of 21 meters. Whereas Iguazu overthrows its water from a height of 60-80 meters.

Orda Cave

This is the longest underwater cave of Russia, the second longest - in Eurasia and the world's largest underwater cave in the cast. She was given the status of a natural monument of national scale. Orda cave is located on the southwestern outskirts of the village Horde Perm region, on the left bank of the river Kungur. Laid in gypsum and anhydrite Permian. It consists of a "dry" and underwater. The length of the dry part is 300 meters underwater - 5150 meters. Part of the cave is the longest siphon in the CIS - 985 meters. Orda differs from other underwater caves in the world in that it is gypsum, as well as the low water temperature (4 degrees Celsius), huge amounts of underground galleries, water transparency, low zamutnyaemostyu.

The cave is considered the most challenging shooting among all the underwater scenes. CavesCert, inability to emerge when you have to do it, the loss of sight, narrowness, which is necessary to squeeze the water, total darkness - this is not a complete list of the difficulties encountered while swimming in the cave.

The flight into the stratosphere

Starting the camera to the near space by means of balloons filled with helium. The ball rises to a height of 35-37 kilometers, gradually increasing in size, reaching a height of this size with a three-story house, and then it bursts, and cameras safely land on earth by parachute. Almost complete calm gave good predictions for the launch of the probe. Before you start to pay attention to a number of factors. Chambers had to work in extremely cold conditions that can damage the battery, and the lenses may cloud over or covered with ice crystals. With cameras fly several search GPS-beacons that can help you find the camera after landing by parachute. There they and failures. Therefore, the assembly of the whole structure for the shooting takes place very carefully.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the 700-meter Corcovado mountain is a giant figure of Christ, arms stretched out over the city, as if blessing the land. Every year, nearly 2 million tourists and locals climb the hill to take pictures on the background of the monument "for luck." The exact dimensions of the monument of Christ the Redeemer in Rio are as follows: height - 38 meters, including the pedestal - 8 meters; weight - 1145 tons, arm span - 30 meters. It is believed that the idea of ​​its creation arose in 1922, when we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the independence of Brazil. But in fact, the history of the statue goes to the more distant past. In 1932 and 2000 the system was upgraded night illumination. And in 2007, this famous attraction of Rio de Janeiro was chosen as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

New York, Manhattan. Large tour

New York - the most famous city in the US, and Manhattan in New York - the most famous district. It all started four years ago, it has been made the loudest and most profitable in the history of mankind real estate deal: $ 24 for the Indians sold to Europeans is not much they desired portion of the land. In addition to numerous museums, where almost every building - a monument. Old houses are perfectly combined with the best of contemporary architecture. There is plenty of the most famous sights of New York City, including the famous aforementioned Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square. And colorful Chinatown, Broadway and bright - all of it is on this island.

St. Petersburg, virtual tour

St. Petersburg is the European "gateway" of Russia, its strategic center, directly bordering with the European Union. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, played an important role in Russian history.
Modern Saint Petersburg - an important cultural and industrial center and a major seaport. Infrastructure development and the location make the city and an important commercial center and.

The Great Egyptian Pyramids of Giza

Egyptian pyramids - the greatest architectural monuments of ancient Egypt, including one of the "seven wonders of the world" - the pyramid of Cheops, and honorary PhD "New Seven Wonders of the World" - the Pyramids of Giza. Pyramids are a huge pyramid-shaped stone structures that were used as tombs for pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The word "pyramid" - the Greek means a polyhedron. According to some researchers, a large pile of wheat, and became the prototype of the pyramid. According to other scholars, the word comes from the funeral pyramid-shaped cake. Just Egypt found 118 pyramids.

Paris, France

France - one of the most famous in Europe, and Paris - perhaps the most famous city in the world. He is rightly called the "City of Light", but not because of abundant lighting: is not it could be called any other modern metropolis. No: the point is that the capital of France for many centuries was the center of education, art and philosophy. "Paris - a holiday that is always with you." So said the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, and these words can subscribe, probably every person - no matter whether he been there or not. Paris - a symbol of romance and the cradle of European culture.

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi, India

Due to its size Akshardham included in the Guinness Book of Records. The complex, which occupies 12 hectares, includes not only the temple but also several parks, a museum, a large cultural center, where you can meet with national characteristics and traditions of India, water channels, which can float on the boat, as well as many cafes and souvenir shops. The temple was built without the use of metal items. Without cement. Concrete was used only by pouring the foundation. Everything else - the stone. Marble and granite for construction transported around the world, then treated at special circuits and connected with each other by grooves. All the columns of the Temple - splicers, and stone details after the connection is rotated 90 degrees.

Venice, Italy

Venice is called the "city on the water." Interestingly, in Western Europe there are a few other cities, where streets are canals. Thus, the Belgian Ghent lies on 26 islands connected by 207 bridges. 26 islands is the capital of Holland. But the palm of this criterion holds it Venice is difficult to beat the record of 118 islands, 150 canals and 400 bridges! Step by step Adriatic comes and wins: Only in the XX century Venice "slipped" by 23 centimeters. Presumably already by 2028 the city is completely hidden in the depths of the waters.

Machu Picchu - the ancient city inkov

The first is called the mountain Huayna Picchu, and the second - Machu Picchu, and it is much less visited by tourists. To climb to the top of it, it is necessary to overcome the height difference of about 500 meters. The path is a stone path consisting of stages. Steps are counted - of 1700! Usually the rise takes 1, 5 hours. City view from the top - stunning! Definitely worth spending time and energy for lifting.

Journey to Everest, Gimalai

Through the top of the highest mountain in the world (8848 meters) runs the China-Nepal border. Or the Tibetan-Nepalese. It depends on the political affiliation of reading. Everest is part of the Himalayas - a fairly thin strip of mountains separating the Indian and Asian tectonic plates (Tibetan Plateau). Ten 8-thousanders of 14 is concentrated in the Himalayas, and the rest - in the nearby Karakoram. We know two popular route to the summit of Mount Everest - from the north, from Tibet, and the south-west of Nepal. Last bit easier, and in recent years it has attracted an increasing number of climbers. For tourists, the aim is to base camp - a place where all the expeditions, yielding the desired acclimatization. In Tibet, you can use the jeep and get to the camp at (5149) just a couple of days. On the part of the tour of Nepal have to get yourself at least a week on foot to be under the walls of Mount Everest. However, this route awards unforgettable views of the mountains and the magnificent nature of the different climatic zones.

Hong Kong - a city where dreams come mechty

Hong Kong - that the city and state, and (most accurate) Special Administrative Region as part of China. It is really quite "special" on all counts. Hong Kong - one of the world's centers of financial flows, and it imposes on citizens certain obligations, forms its exterior architectural appearance (it is here that there were the first in China, skyscrapers), and finally a separate administrative status allows Hong Kong to have their own laws, which he gladly uses .

Dubai City, United Arab Emirates, virtual tour

Dubai dates back to VII century, but few have the largest city in the United Arab Emirates is associated with antiquity. His most succinct characterization - "City of the Future": in fact, perhaps nowhere in the world do not focus so much incredible architectural designs, high end and even ahead of its time. Here is just a small list of Dubai's attractions. Burj Khalifa, like whether on a stalagmite, whether on a desert flower with thin petals. Seven-star hotel in the shape of a sail, the Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island separate (rates available at the Burj Al Arab start at a thousand dollars a night!). 150-meter musical fountain, rises into the air while 83 thousand liters of water to the sounds of Arab and world hits.

Hawaii, Oahu, virtual tour

In the United States - the fifty states, and the last date for inclusion in their number are Hawaii: Amazing Island, lying in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, at a considerable distance from the mainland. Hawaiian archipelago consists of twenty-four islands and atolls as well as many small islands. They were inhabited as early as the VI century BC, but for many centuries, during the legendary voyages around the world the Age of Discovery, or navigators sailed south or north. Therefore, for a long time the Hawaiian Islands on the map did not appear and was not known to anyone.

San Francisco Bridge "Golden Gate". Fog

Light yellow tops of skyscrapers, gently illuminate the bay, and fog, mist gorgeous, shimmering shades of red in the setting sun, fog, I was waiting for 20 years, with a continuous stream running down the hill on the Russian town and dissolved in it.

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. "The most south-western point of Africa»

The discovery of the Cape of Good Hope - a geographical place with perhaps the most romantic name in the world - belongs to the Portuguese navigator Bartholomew Diaz. But then, with the development of cartography, it became clear that this "is the southernmost point of Africa" ​​- this is not the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas, located 155 km to the southeast. But by the time the tourists have trampled wide trail to the impostor, the open Bartolomeo Diaz, and the authorities were limited by the fact that the plate was replaced with a new "most south-westerly point of Africa»

Venezuela. Waterfalls Churun-Meru and Cortina

The total height of the waterfall 979 meters, and the height of the continuous drop of water - 807 meters. The drop height is so great that, before reaching the ground, the water is atomized into tiny particles and turns into tuman.Nado mention that Venezuela - all unique country. In addition to Chavez and the price of gasoline (full tank jeep costing 100 rubles), there are arranged tepuis. It's such a strange-looking mountain with a truncated flat top in the world called "dining" (probably because they are flat like a table). That is, imagine a kilometer-high cliff into the dense jungle, with vertical steep walls and flat tops. Therefore, there is accumulated water after any rain, and subsequently runs numerous waterfalls.

Maldives the night, the island of Reethi Rah

Maldives strongly associated with serene lazy holiday full of bliss measured and secluded serenity. Their remoteness from Europe (for example, a flight from Moscow takes 8-9 hours), and high, respectively, is not a cheap service made available to the Maldives not such a huge number of tourists, such as Turkey or Egypt. The unique concept of the Maldives resort - "one island - one resort - a hotel", each distinguished by its unique atmosphere and design.

St. Moritz and the Alps. Virtual tour

The Swiss St. Moritz is considered to be the king of the Alpine ski resorts. "Aristocratic", "cosmopolitan" and "respectable" - it's all about St. Moritz: favorite vacation spot of the representatives of royal dynasties, billionaires, politicians and show business stars. St. Moritz (panorama number 3 and 9) is located on the shores of Lake Garda, in the region of Graubünden Engadin at an altitude of 1856 meters above sea level. The village itself counts today 5600 inhabitants; at the height of the season for them is added another 3,000 service workers, and thousands of tourists. There are good conditions for advanced skiers: 36 "black" runs and 136 "red" routes, as well as many opportunities for snowboarders, cross-country skiing enthusiasts and skates. The total length of ski trails in the region - 350 km, the plains - 150 km.

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