Snowfall in Kiev (68 photos + video)

To start showing their own photos Victory Avenue and the surrounding area in the metro area Beresteis'ka, Metro Nivki, Svyatoshino Metro. Between all the stations I quietly walked straight down the avenue, I do not interfere with the machine, they are simply not there. The city is completely stopped, the local shops do not have bread, it could not bring. Public transport does not go, sidewalks covered with snow, they all go walking straight on the road. So it is possible to describe the situation in a nutshell, the rest look at the photos.

Bridge toward the subway Nivki, not every day you can stand on the highway

Aside Shulyavka

Under the bridge

And this is the subway Nivki

This is how the bridge looked toward the city center

At this point, I decided to climb over the bump and notably fell, broke his hand and nearly broke the camera. Lens jammed from the impact, but a little later I was able to develop it, like running. Frame made accidentally when falling, and all because of the snow solid ice.

Stopper towards the underground Svyatoshino.

In this section of the prospectus has worked only one tractor, he cleaned the road and helped pull the machine.

Here is the underground Svyatoshino.

Emergency rescuers to help push the car, some manage to leave

Minibuses have thrown in the middle of the road

People at the station waiting for the train Svyatoshin and whether she goes?

Aside Borschagovka people are just walking down the road, no transport

Bridge on Svyatoshino, the taxi driver left the car and went home

Fire trucks helps to leave the truck

Congress toward Borschagivka, trolley stand helplessly waiting for MOE

Towards the center of the movement is completely blocked, the MOE is working, trying to save the situation

All in a heap

Towards the center of the movement is not

Everywhere folded wagon

MOE will tow truck hitch cook

Grandmother swore that all go in the opposite direction, reporters rushed

Towards the center

Some manage to pass, I wonder will reach far?

Heroes' Square in Brest, everything is

The train still runs, people will be able to get home

Aside Svyatoshin trying to restore the motion has not yet been very successful

A typical situation with a wagon

MOE helps drive

Everyone is waiting for their turn

And the snow goes and goes ...

Snow in some places more than a foot

Tram stop at the m. Beresteis'ka here once trams, but more than a day, they do not go

It looked like Victory Avenue toward the subway Nivki.

People abandoned cars under the bridge, then at least do not sweep the snow.

Victory Avenue in the direction of the metro Shulyavska, people go right on the third lane

Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad ...

APC came to the rescue ... trucks are not pulled a small slope downhill ...

pedestrian zone - Moscow Bridge))

Natasha broke even from such a snowfall))

abandoned cars ... rare ...

Congress of the bridge on Obolon - all arrived)



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