First snowfall in Moscow (12 photos)

The first of the winter 2009/2010, heavy snowfall, which began in the capital on Monday December 7, critically obstructed traffic on main and secondary roads of Moscow. The first winter snowfall started in the afternoon. However, even for the Synoptics he was a complete surprise. According to the Met Office in Moscow and the Moscow region, snowfall, which is observed in the capital, is unusual in that formed when an anticyclone. This infrequent atmospheric phenomenon, and predict a snowfall is much more difficult than usual.



Snowfall going now over Moscow is "unusual" weather phenomenon, since it was formed in the zone of influence of the anticyclone, which usually brings heavy rainfall.


According to various districts of the capital, almost completely blocked by all major road transport and highways leading out of the city center.


The main thoroughfare of the city, as of 21:30, almost paralyzed. The length of the "traffic jams" on the roads of Moscow in total reaches almost 900 km. Probably, it will be a new record.


The longest officially registered in Moscow traffic jam occurred September 13, 2007. Its length was 44 km. The greatest total length of tubes according to "Yandex. Jam "is still attributed to the day November 25, 2008, when the total length of 844 km was congestion.


According to the promotion of road safety Office of Traffic Police, the number of accidents on the roads of Moscow due to weather conditions has increased dramatically, but so far without the heavy costs of accidents.


Fallen snow in the capital, according to tradition paralyzed traffic in the city, perhaps, will lie until the spring, forecasters predict today Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region.


Fallen snow on the roads turned to ice crust, which greatly complicate the already difficult traffic situation in the city.


Snow on Moscow's roads are cleaned more than 5,000 units of machinery, reported in City Hall. However, because of traffic jams snow removal equipment can not turn around in full force.


Moscow highway also treated liquid and solid reagents.


However, while on the streets of the capital there is a huge number of cars, cleaning machines will operate so as not to aggravate the situation on the road.


On bridges and overpasses to create the necessary margin of rubble. Stationary points DPS on the Ring Road on duty 21 tractor.


Snowfall in Moscow will go all night long, 7-8 cm of snow is expected. According to experts, this year was late winter in the European part of Russia will be much colder than last year, but the extreme cold weather, meteorologists do not expect.


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