Snowfall in Venice (11 photos)

The first in this year's flooding in Venice called snow, the water level rose by half a meter, resulting in the historic center was flooded.
The situation worsens more and low temperatures.
Tourists forced to leave the city, a situation they do not like.

Tourists under umbrellas and raincoats ride on a gondola during a heavy snowfall, Venice, Italy. (Marco Secchi / Barcroft Media)

Revelers in carnival costumes cross the Piazza San Marco. (ANDREA PATTARO / AFP / Getty Images)

Participant of the Venetian carnival dances, despite the snow. (ANDREA PATTARO / AFP / Getty Images)

Girls in chic dresses hide from the weather under the umbrellas. (ANDREA PATTARO / AFP / Getty Images)

Gondoliers waiting for customers. (Marco Secchi / Barcroft Media)


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