10 things to do in Venice

10 things you definitely need to do in Venice!

Venice - is a city that never get bored, no matter how much time you spent in it, neither. And no matter how much time you have spent any rate, you still will not have time to inspect and half of all the wonders of Venice. But there are 10 things you can get done during the very foreseeable future, and thus get a very complete picture of this unique city.
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1. Visit Carnival

Venice Carnival has been 900 years of history and is considered one of the most refined and elegant holiday in the world. The festivities begin two weeks before Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent of the Catholic Church) and lasts until Fat Tuesday. Each year at this magical carnival gathers more than a million spectators. These days, all of Venice becomes one theater scene, where everyone is both spectator and actor.

2. Go through the Piazza San Marco

The central area of ​​Venice, San Marco, is probably the most famous place of the city. First Cathedral of St. Mark was built here in the IX century. Near the cathedral is the magnificent main building of Venice - Doge's Palace. The whole area is considered a major architectural ensemble of Venice. And another feature of the famous St. Mark's Square - a huge flock of pigeons. Man enough to just stop for a few minutes, they start to sit directly on the shoulders and arms.

3. Inspect the Ducal Palace

If you come to Venice, you are sure to go down in the Piazza San Marco. And if you went to the Piazza San Marco, you will certainly go down in the Doge's Palace, despite the huge queue of those wishing to explore this majestic building. The palace served as the residence of the Venetian dozham for nearly ten centuries, until 1797, when Venice occupied Naploen and abolished the title. On the creation of the palace and its interiors of talented masters of Italy. In addition to the magnificent rooms, each of which is a work of art, the palace had two horrible prison, one in the basement, and the other under the lead of the roof of the palace.

4. Ride a gondola

Gondola - is another symbol of Venice. The city is literally on the water, and these boats have until recently been the main public transport. Clans gondoliers formed for entire centuries, and today the "outsiders" in this profession is not there. Travel on a gondola on the canals of Venice certainly give everyone a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions. However, and this is a fabulous journey is quite expensive: a 40-minute walk will have to pay almost 80 euros. This price is almost standard, and only the real masters of bargaining can knock yourself a discount of 5-10 euros.

5. Inspect the new ghetto

Surprisingly, the world's first Jewish ghetto have appeared in Venice. And the word "ghetto" - it's a little distorted Venetian word "Jetty," which meant "slag" (just in those days were in the Cannaregio district warehouses slag). In 1516 the Government of the Republic of Venice d, following the instructions of the pope, forbade Jews to settle in Venice itself. All the Venetian Jews were moved to a separate island, which is linked to the rest of the city three bridge. At night, these passages locked gate. Today, these places are not very popular at the Venice tour guides, but they, of course, can tell a lot about the true history of Venice.

6. Visit the island of Burano

This quarter of the island of Venice is situated seven kilometers from the center. His business card - bright, colorful houses. And Burano is known to the world that here for many hundreds of years to weave the famous Venetian lace.

7. To visit the island of Torcello

In the tenth century the population of the island was larger than the population of Venice itself. However, due to natural causes in the XII century the harbor of the island sucked silt, and it turned into a so-called "dead lagoon". On the island beginning rampant malaria, and residents began to slowly move to the other islands. Today it is home to only 60 fishermen. From medieval buildings have come down to our times, only four, but here you can see the best in northern Italy ensemble of Byzantine mosaics.

8. Buy the product Murano glass

Murano glass has always been the glory of Venice. In 1291, city officials ordered the masters of glass production to move their workshops to the island of Murano. These were the measures to preserve the secrets of craftsmanship from its competitors and fire safety measure. And for the fact that glass blowers have become "Travel Abroad", they were given a lot of other benefits up to the resolution to issue their daughters to marry men of noble birth. Today, as many years ago, around the world, Murano glass is considered to be luxury goods.

9. To visit the sandy beaches of Lido

Lido - is a chain of islands that are considered even in Venice resort. Especially famous for sandy beaches is the main island chain, which is also called the Lido. It was on this island every year in September, held the world's oldest festival of film art - the Venice Film Festival.

10. eat ice cream during sunset

It is said that Italian ice cream (gelato) - the most delicious ice cream in the world. And the best way to check this fact - it is to eat several portions in any cafe on the shore of the lagoon, admiring the amazing beauty of Venetian sunsets.



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