Venice is sinking (31 photos)

And yet Venice is sinking!
Every five years, the city goes under the water by 2 cm.
It would seem ridiculous figures, but according to some projections, by the end of the century, Venice can submerge into the waters of the lagoon by 50 cm (or even more).

Why is this happening? Mainly because of rising sea levels and subsidence, which hammered piles Venetian palaces. The water level rises in the Adriatic annually by 2 mm, and Venice in turn lowered to 2 mm - 4 mm in total. It turns out that by the year 2032 Venice could sink another 80 mm. This city is also & quot; slides down & quot; - Constantly shifted eastward.

Recently in Venice, I was not feeling that the city shudders and goes to the bottom, shocking millions of feet marching in unison towards Piazza San Marco.
Last Sunday I also stepped into the ranks of slim - in fact the forecast promises regular flooding in Venice.
North wind boron, catching up to the shore of a body of water, coincided with the new moon, and as a result the water level rose up to 95 centimeters. Of course, I could not miss such a spectacle in the morning and went to Venice.
The weather was perfect - warm and sunny. This meant that I did not need to drag along high rubber boots - it was enough to wear shorts instead of trousers and put it in a backpack, plastic slippers.
All girls recommend for self window at Marconi - is wonderful & quot; stomps & quot; and slim our already slim girlish figure :)

Rialto Bridge can be clearly seen that the water is already beginning to fill embankment

But San Marco yet it is possible to jump over puddles.

No comments :)

A good idea can be seen here as the water begins to arrive in the area through the spillways, throwing her strong shocks.

It makes no sense to hide - skills Bresson and Erwitt haunts me :)

About an hour I watched the play of light on water and arches area

But the most fun to watch the scenes, constantly played on San Marco

Here is my very amused

Water, water - water everywhere ...

Almost & quot; splashing champagne & quot;

These ladies were shouting so much that I even had time to turn around and take pictures of them

But I especially liked the girl, trying on the area to swim :)

Touches also calm her mother. I, frankly, do not want my child to swim in this water.

Then these cute Russian guys asked me to click on them to jump. After a couple takes their camera, I asked them to jump for an encore - this time for me :)

Without the ubiquitous Venetian pigeons picture would be incomplete

But the most fun, of course, children

Why were their parents? :)

Chen love the beauty of Venice sinking. I love her melancholic palace and ancient narrow lanes, diving into the channels. I love even the occasional crumbling plaster. I gave a lot to see the city in its original splendor! Though a glimpse of luxury venetsianok, sometimes appear in the frame of the high lancet windows. What a pity that a time machine has remained invention of science fiction.
I absolutely do not want to escalate the situation in the style of the tabloids. There is hope: in 2016 should be completed the construction of protective structures called & quot; Mose & quot ;. Although many scientists are looking at this project is rather skeptical, because I want to believe that he will not let Venice become a modern Atlantis. And that in fact has drawn a fantastic picture-style Bosch: In winged lion (the symbol of Venice) wings are gradually turning to the gills.
Let us hope that our grandchildren will also be able to walk through the streets and squares of the beautiful Venice.



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