Venice aerial view

Venice - the most bizarre and confusing city in the world. Appeared on the swampy, marshy islands, the city is not just an ordinary existence eked out coastal trading portico, but became one of the most powerful empires and bright early Middle Ages. Venice - 118 is scattered in the lagoon islands that people are not just connected by bridges and ferries. The islands are fused into a single organism, evolved from separate piece of land in a holistic and delightful city.

Venice is gradually disappearing under the water - faced with this fact more ancient settlers, who were forced to rebuild the city twice, moving to higher islands. During the XX century Venice is quite fast (up to 5 mm per year) was immersed in the lagoon, as a result of the land sank by 23 cm. The main reason for the disaster spoke industrial extraction of water from artesian wells and, as a consequence, lower aquifer land; the gradual flooding of the city is also affected by the increasing pressure of ground objects: buildings, people, and so on. d. After the closure of wells settling the city slowed, but not stopped. Scientists have calculated that Venice could become uninhabitable as early as 2028. To save the unique city drafted "Moses", providing for the construction of sealed barriers around the city. The project was approved by experts and was inaugurated in 2003 with the laying of the first stone of Silvio Berlusconi. However, the construction of dams exposed to serious criticism due to the low efficiency of this flood protection, tested in the Netherlands.


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