How do I know that a person is drowning

Did you know that children often drown before your very eyes of parents who just do not understand. In the movie, show that a drowning man certainly screams and waving his arms. In life it is not so. Read - how to recognize drowning. This is important!

captain jumped from the cockpit directly in clothes and swam as fast as he could. In the past, a lifeguard, he kept his eyes on the victim and swam straight to the couple, to splash between your boat and the shore. "In my opinion, he decided that you drown," - said the husband to his wife. They had just splashed and she screamed, but right now they stood in the shallows to their necks in water. "What is he doing? We have everything in order, "- she said irritably. "We are all good!" - Cried the husband, Masha captain, that he turned around and swam back. But the captain continued to swim my best and only barked: "Out of the way!" Coming up with a pair of stunned. Right behind them, less than three meters, drowning their nine-year-daughter. Already over the water, safe in the hands of the captain, she burst into tears, "Daddy!»

As a captain with fifteen meters understand what you do not understand a father with three? Drowning - not floundering in the water and cries for help as many people think. Captain learned to recognize drowning rescue courses and had a great experience. As for the girl's father, he was drowning the way it is shown in the movie. If you are at least sometimes it is in the water or near it (that can be said about most of us), you should make sure that everyone in your company knows what to look for when someone comes into the water. While the girl cried in the hands of the master, it does not utter a single sound. I, as a former lifeguard coastal service, it would not surprise drop. Drowning - almost always a deceptively quiet process. Waving his arms, splashing and screaming, so often portrayed in the movies, almost no place in life.

Real or perceived danger of suffocation water causes the so-called instinctive reaction drowning, named Ph.D. Francesco A. Pia. And this reaction does not look like most people think. No clapping on the water, splashing and shouting. To better understand how quiet and looks quite nezrelischno this process from the shore, think about this. Drowning - is the second leading cause of accidental death in children under 15 years (the first - a car accident). Of the approximately 750 children who will drown next year, about 375 drown in less than 22 meters away from the parents. Of the ten children drowned one sinks in front of the parents who do not understand what is happening. (Source: United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.) Drowning does not look so. Francesco Pia so described it in the journal «Coast Guard's On Scene» (Journal of Coastal Affairs):

With rare exception, drowning people physiologically unable to call for help. Breath - the main function of the respiratory system, and it - more. To speak, you must be able to breathe.

Roth drowning periodically disappears under the water surface and reappears. Time that the mouth is over the water, not enough to exhale, inhale, and call for help. Surrounded time to just quickly exhale and inhale.

Drowning can not wave their arms, calling for help. Instincts cause them to stretch arms to the side and start from the water, trying to lift the body up to his mouth appeared above the surface, and they could make the next breath.

With an instinctive reaction drowning person can not control the movements of the hands. Surrounded physiologically unable to stop to make instinctive movements and start making meaningful, for example, waving his arms, move to the rescuer or seize rescue devices.

While continuing instinctive reaction drowning man, the human body remains upright in the water, without the slightest sign of support footwork. If it will not save, immersed in the water can hold from 20 to 60 seconds before the full immersion.

This does not mean that people are beating his hands on the water and beckoning for help, not in trouble - they panic and they really need help. Panic, which is not always preceded by an instinctive reaction of a drowning man, does not last very long. But the people in this state, in contrast to the instinctive drowning response, can still help the rescuer, for example, to grab the lifeline.

There are other signs that a person is drowning:

Keep your head low in the water, mouth at water level

Tilts his head back, opens his mouth

Eyes glazed and empty, do not focus

Eyes closed

The hair on the forehead or on the eyes

Does not use his feet; stands in the water vertically

Breathing and often superficial, or gasping for air

Trying to roll over on his back

Trying to get out of the water like a rope ladder, but traffic almost all the time under water

So if a crew member fell overboard and everything looks fine - do not be so sure. Sometimes the simplest sign that a person is drowning - that he does not look drowning. It would seem that it just balances in the water, looking at the boat. Do you want to know for sure? Ask okay if he. If you answer - all probably right. If the answer to be silent and a blank look - you may be less than 30 seconds to save it. And yet, the parents when children play in the water, they are noisy. If the noise died down - Come and find out why.


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