... and the path lit up!

At today's meeting with the students of the Moscow Institute of macrobiotic President Medvedev he told how he, as a graduate student, took tests of students.

"During the standings, which he took very seriously," he was in a suit, a tie, "one of the students strongly" floating "in the subject line. However, Medvedev said that he was gradually able to bring it to answer the questions and set a credit. She left the room, but after a minute, opened the door and looked and said, "I love you».

"I did not know where I simply fail. Okay, I would say: "I love you", and then - "I love you" and closed the door, "- the president laughed.

P.S. And we where going to the rest of our group MGIAI, always remember how the three of us take the exam in higher mathematics that's exactly the graduate student as Medvedev. Three full oak in mathematics - do not know and do not want to know. To ochkastny graduate student put us in three ways, we hid his coat. The session was winter on the street without a coat and Dubakov graduate student had not gone anywhere. He has long begged us to give him the robe, but we were adamant. The case ended with the world, hehe.

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