Colorful pictures of the Milky Way

Milky Way - is a spiral galaxy. The length of the galaxy more than 120,000 light-years across. The central bulge of the galaxy has a diameter of roughly 12,000 light-years.

Yuri Belegershi captured just two natural phenomena: the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis

Photos in the Himalayas. Anton Yankovoy

The Milky Way has a halo of dark matter that makes up more than 90% of its mass. This means that everything we see (the naked eye or a telescope) is less than 10% of the mass of the Milky Way.

Computer reality. Like the Milky Way would look like from space. NASA

Marius Kastekas

Magellanic Clouds (Big and Small) - two star systems (galaxies) of irregular shape, coming to our stellar system (galaxy), which includes the sun.

Dave MOTAPM. Magellanic Clouds

Milky Way over Idaho

The Milky Way in the El Castillo, Mexico. Peter Nickel

How would look like Los Angeles, if it had turned off all the lights, and the city of twinkling stars and dust of the nebula of the Milky Way. Terry Cohen

The Milky Way above the bay Catherine's Hills in Australia. The Milky Way was not always as it is today, a beautiful spiral ... In a miracle of nature, he became by merging with other galaxies.

Catherine's Bay hills

Milky Way over the Tyrolean mountains, Austria. We can not take a picture of the Milky Way in all its glory, as the land is within the galactic disk at a distance from the edges of 26,000 light years.

Tyrolean mountains, Michi Bee

Elmar Akhmetov

Milky Way Over Mount Fuji, Japan


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