Secret messages in famous movies and cartoons

Through the film industry can be transferred to the masses and promises great thoughts and even control people than the creators of films successfully used. Such underwater tools impact "protection" and we know cinematographic.

Dementors in Harry Potter

Phenomenon Dementors describes the mechanism of origin of depression. It is known that in the book of Rowling, like in the movie, these creatures, stealing joy constantly chased Harry and defeat them by force was impossible. However, the purpose and a desire engendered magical Patronus that helped disperse the Dementors. Symbolically, this is meant to cope with depression.

When Rowling wrote the book, she herself suffered from depression, even without knowing what will soon become fabulously rich. His characters she invented for himself to pull itself out of the depression behind the ears. Great, I must say, the method! Itself has created a Patronus - my books, my animated world of Harry Potter.

Radiance 1980

The legendary director Stanley Kubrick is a master of painting and psychological ambiguity: the secret loopholes to guess. No wonder it is considered that his film adaptation of the novels King truly brilliant. You could say that his film based on the novel by Stephen King's "The Shining" is the quintessential style of psychological impact on the viewer. There are so many grand and sophisticated double sense that there is even a movie called "Room 237", shot in 2012, Rodney Ascher, where stands for the hidden meaning of all messages of the movie "The Shining".

Thus, in particular, Asher believes that the hotel where the manager meets Jack, his office is located in the part of space where windows can not exist. Rodney argues that Kubrick did this deliberately to create in the minds of viewers exciting discomfort.

Antz, 1998

The company has released DreamWorks film that sounded many famous actors. ASTC itself (with the voice of Woody Allen) - ant, who is dissatisfied with the morals of the colony, and thus embarks on a journey to find the world-utopia. In the world of ants is all done for the benefit of others (communism). And try ASTC - is an allegorical attempt to break through the utility of being. Some philosophical chair of America recommends to watching cartoon to illustrate social ideas that are so well expressed by Karl Marx and Ayn Rand.

Drag Me to Hell 2009

Although this is a horror film about a cursed girl who sees food disgusting characters really is a perfect illustration of eating disorders, and more specifically of the disease. As the saying goes, all the symptoms are obvious. In the film, the heroine, a girl, a bank employee, curses the old woman, and of the nightmarish images are seen everywhere in her food. All struggle with the curse symbolically represents the struggle with the problem.


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