Why can't we see the center of the milky Way?

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Is it in the center of our galaxy should be a giant glowing Orb? Why can't we see it in the night sky? See the Majesty of the milky Way. This is our heavenly home. Take a look at all the parts on majestic pictures. For these stars, gas, beautiful glowing space dust.

Can you imagine how was made this picture? What wonders of human technology has allowed to create a camera that can take pictures of the whole milky Way? Of course you can, you're smart. But let's remember how it's done.

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First, you need a camera that will work in space and have a wide field of vision. Of course, we can build it so. Then you need to take that camera and place it outside the milky Way, pointing to the Ground. As if you had to stand on the street in front of the house to shoot it. Thus, we come to the conclusion that "street" in front of the Milky Way is 100 000 light years from it. It's not so far away. Some galaxies are millions of light years.

How do we place the camera so far beyond the Milky Way? You know that we are in this galaxy. And here the curtain before "photo of the milky Way" falls. With our current technology movement, we would need more than 2.2 billion years to get to the right place. In truth, this is not a photo. The milky Way — illustration artist.

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Here is a picture of the galaxy, which looks like we are outside the milky Way. This is NGC 6744, a galaxy, which many astronomers believe is similar to the milky Way.

I see a screw sleeve? Bright core surrounded by dark lines of gas and dust? Spots of active star formation? Keep that in mind. This is actually a photo of the milky Way. That is the core, the brightest and densest dot; the stars are so tightly Packed together that they are difficult to breed. Also there is a supermassive black hole of the galaxy, a region with a mass of 4.1 million solar.

Stars rotate around this region like comets around the star. Not see? I assure you they are there. Of course, these photos are different, but with all of this except the center does not have to be a giant glowing Orb? Why can't we see him? Maybe it's not? All this dust. Interstellar dust.

Back to the picture of NGC 6744. See dust lanes surrounding the galaxy core? With our position in the galaxy, this thick layer of dust completely covers us. It is caused by stars that burn the material and create energy. The dust is collected together under the action of gravity in education, which close.

Fortunately, astronomers have additional wavelengths, which allow you to look inside the galaxy. When you look at the galactic core in infrared, space telescope like Spitzer, it will look like this.

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In fact, in the infrared range you can penetrate the dust and see the surroundings of a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. Dr. Andrea Ghez and her team used this technique to find circling around the star. Nothing can be so dark and dense as a supermassive black hole.

Astronomers have a name for the region of the sky blocked by the Milky Way "zone of avoidance". Although the term originated in the 50's, in those days, astronomers could only make visual observations, and "zone of avoidance" occupied about 20% of the night sky.

However, observing in other wavelengths like infrared, x-ray, gamma-ray and radio emission, the astronomers can see almost all but 10% of the sky. What is on the other side the 10% is a mystery.

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