As cold water can turn food into poison

In practice the Soviet radiologists (Prof. V. D. Lin - denbratt, 1969) was such a case. It was necessary to achieve retention of barium porridge in the stomach for the time necessary for x-rays.

But it turned out that if the porridge to give without preheating (directly from the refrigerator), the cereal leaves the stomach faster than the radiologists had time to adjust their the then (1969), not as a perfect instrument.
Radiologists interested in this fact, conducted experiments and found that if you drink cold drinks food (e.g., ice water or Pepsi-Cola with ice), the residence time of food in the stomach is reduced from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes(more on this in a doctoral thesis Lindenbraten Vitaly Davidovich "Materials to the question of the effect on the body. La", 1969, Institute of experimental medicine, Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, Leningrad). That is, when taking cold water food is literally pushed out of the stomach.
This is, first, a direct path to obesity, because such foods cannot be satisfied, and hunger comes very quickly. Second, and begin putrefactive processes in the intestine, because the normal digestion and as such was not.
By the way, this is the way in which "McDonald's" has made a lot of money. Washing down the food (sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs) icy drinks, people will never be able to eat fast food and then come to eat again and again.
Thus on hot drinks – tea, coffee set high enough price, or they are not included in sets, or they just do not advertise. But ice-cold Coca-Cola is relatively cheap and aggressively enforced colourful signs and their colors. But this applies not only to Coca-Cola, all cold drinks very quickly leaving the stomach. In the stomach is the preparation of proteins for subsequent processing and assimilation. So (please!): if you drink any cold drink after a meal, the protein part of the food will not be fully processed in the stomach, proteins are not broken down into amino acids.
Food ball quickly leaves the stomach, and the whole protein component will just rot in the intestine (neoperabelny protein at a temperature of 36.6 degrees relatively quickly begins to rot). You are just wasting your money for food, but instead use get damage in intestinal inflammatory diseases (colitis, enteritis) and dysbiosis.
So, the conclusion is: do not drink cold drinks before or after a meal. All liquids must have a temperature below room temperature. The same applies to the reception of ice cream if there's ice cream after a meal, the effect will be the same – a food ball will quickly leave the stomach and its protein component will remain undigested.
Also a popular misconception is a strong belief that cold water quenches thirst faster. Physiologists explain that this is not so. Cold water takes much more time to get metabolized by the body: for that she needs to warm up in the stomach to body temperature (36.6 degrees).
Water at room temperature or even warmer instantly absorbed and brings instant relief. Ayurveda also adamantly against the water, especially cold, before, during and immediately after a meal. As thus quenched Agni (digestive fire) published P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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