Photographs of the USSR end of 1950 (16 photos)

A certain Ernest Wolfe is the author of these pictures end of the Soviet Union of the 1950s.
You may have seen them on the network, it is interesting to find out information about this person, I could not find.

1. Rink Street. Gorky in Moscow

2. Laying asphalt on the street. Gorky, the view from the windows of the hotel "National»

3. The same

4. Repair of the bridge. Obviously, Moscow is somewhere in the area of ​​the Belarusian railway station

5. The shoe department in GUM

6. Silk GUM

7. Girls in nat. costumes VSHV

8. Panel on the Kiev station of the Moscow metro, the now defunct

9. The station Komsomolskaya

10. And this is the Leningrad subway

11. Mosaic with Stalin at the station Narva, destroyed in 1961

12. Soviet ballet

13. The ticket collector on the train with a friend

14. Entrance to the monastery in Kiev

15. In the Soviet countryside



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