Old Moscow

Naum Granovsky is perhaps one of the most famous Soviet photographer who spent almost 60 years as a photojournalist TASS. He began to take Moscow with 20s, and thanks to his photographs, we can see today, it looked like the capital of Russia for almost a hundred years ago!

The last part can be found here exemplary Soviet photography. I love the imagery of Granovsky consider Moscow. What were the sidewalks, streets and what friends since childhood places. His photographs, but rather a documentary recording of all changes in Moscow for half a century, so it is necessary to treat it as a document and not to the work of the artist.

Prospect Marx 1950

Boulevards of Moscow 1950

High-rise building on Smolenka 1950

Gorky Street 1950

Kremlin Embankment 1958

View of the Kremlin 1950

Kremlin stars 1950

The emblem of the motherland 1950

View from the belfry of Ivan the Great 1950

Winter in the Kremlin, 1950

MFA 1953

High-rise building on the 1952

Foreign Arch 1950

Construction of high-rise on Smolenka 1950

Construction Hotels Ukraine 1952

Hotels Ukraine 1960

Building skyscraper on Tinkers 1951

Skyscraper at Red Orot 1950

Construction of high-rise on the 1950 Rebellion

In 1976 the zoo

Hotels Leningrad 1960

Area Rebellion 1970

The construction of the Moscow State University in 1951

Lenin Hills 1960

MGU 1950

MFA 1950

MGU Kitchen 1950

The interior of the square Rebellion 1950

The new apartment 1950

High-rise building at the Beautiful Gate of the 1950s

Source: masterok.livejournal.com


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