Highest MATCH IN HISTORY. Dogovornyak. SUPER )))

What score end match-fixing? 0 0? Staro. 2: 1? Boring. Do you want to 134: 1?
... Matches ahead for most that neither is important. World football community watched the developments with bated breath. The two strongest teams Ohrid league, like the Titans, fought for the right to get into the league Pelagoniski.
 Where is it, you ask? In Macedonia. Well, the one from "Vardar" and "Rabotnicki". Only in 1979, she still was part of the Federal Government of Yugoslavia. Ohrid - the name opshtiny (administrative-territorial unit in Macedonia of 84), in which everything happened. Allow me to introduce participants to the first battle. Club "Ilinden 1903" (do not think that it was founded at the beginning of the century. It was founded after the Second World War, and is registered at all in 1971, but more solid) from the village Velgoshti (now - 2243 inhabitant). His opponent - "Mladost" from the village Vapila (also not New York). "Ilindenu" need to win as much as possible with a big score, "Mladost" I would like not to fly, but even more I want money. In another match at the same time "Gradinar" from the village of Dolno Lakocherey (these generally do not need to) take command "Debartsa" (village Belchishta, as many as five thousand inhabitants), where blood from the nose should be ahead of the "Ilinden", at least for the difference balls (before the last round, "Debartsa" was ahead by one goal). Incidentally, the previous match between these clubs was interrupted with the score 2: 1 in favor of "Debartsy" due to the fact that "gardeners" (which is translated as the word "gradinar") show that the second goal in their net was scored with the violation of the rules . And belchishtintsam counted technical victory 3: 0.
 Smekaesh what's what? Leaders' Debartsy "have realized. And they sent messengers to Vapilu with this idea. Let the "Mladost" in any way frustrate the match with "Ilindenom." For example, will leave the field, the noble boiling anger over the wrong judicial decision somewhere in the middle of the field. And let the "Ilinden" fixed choke the result 3: 0. More is not will count. A "Debartsa" Meanwhile ...
 In "Ilindene" also were not fools. They just killed a proposal competition. Coach "Mladost" Ristevski, tucked into the pocket of the keys to the new car, he turned to the pupils an impassioned speech about the fact that circumstances have changed. We must go out and say to miss much. Footballers' Gradinara "while listening to your (no difference) installation of the game ...
 Mobile phones in those days were not. During enemy villages were sent an impressive team of spies who handed "News from the Field" by the radio. Before radio receiving and brought back information relay race.
In 9 hours 30 minutes velgoshtintsy played the ball from the middle of the field. Well done and very stupid. Their savvy competitors began meeting 22 minutes later. First, those documents are not filed examiner delegate, and then search for the right, then carefully checked against ... In the end, after the first half, "Ilinden" leads with a modest result 11: 0, sly "Debartsa" - 14: 0. But the good laughs best who laughs last. Radio amateurs from Velgoshti reported his staff about the antics of "Debartsy." Those latter fuckers out in the second half after 15 minutes after the first. Well it is necessary so to be substituted! "Ilinden", well explained to the referee all that is necessary, without compunction extended their stay to 40 minutes. In the village of Dolna Lakocherey fuss, knowing that you can lose everything. And when the "Ilinden" stammered quietly twentieth goleshnik "Debartsa" racking fortieth. When new news from the camp of the enemy, both teams, together with their accomplices finally went into a rage. Two field players "Mladost" and the keeper is constantly on duty at the gate line, so that, God forbid, forwards "Ilinden" is not inadvertently climbed in an offside position. If you are suddenly struck by, as soon as possible beat his goal - a few meters to the ball is not running. And if strikes velgoshtintsev is not strong enough, the defenders of finished-dokatyvayutsya into his own net. The rest of the players, "Mladost" in the crowded center of the field to quickly play from the center and not to hinder further attacks. However, some local Maradona named Krste Nikoloski managed so badly hit the ball, scored a goal. He was not lynched, just asked not to touch more balls. For what account it was not known.
 For 89 minutes, "Debartsa 'led 57: 0. Then came the bad news from Velgoshti - where guys came off much steeper. Subsequent events have reminded reel, scrolled several times faster. Judge Andrew Ristevski pulled at the last minute 20. In the match report it says: in the last minute scored 31 goals !!! "Debartsa" won 88: 0. Did not help. "Ilinden" has won 134: 1.
 Minutes of the second half of the fight velgoshtinskogo lost. So we know the layout of only about goals. The best scorer (all time, which is already there) is Naum Shapkaroski. He scored 58 goals. However, Naum later complained that he missed 18 more believe it is crystal honest man, let it be 76. At closest pursuer Ljube Tsrkovski - 29.
 The most surreal moment of madness just became violent explosion of joy among the players of Vapily. They learned that their competitors "Ribar" (which means "fisherman") lost his match, which means that the team stays in the league Ohrid.
 Of course, these incredible matches imagination vividly interested in the country's football federation. All four clubs were disbanded, players are suspended for a year. Judges, too, was not spared. Now in Velgoshti plays a new team - "Fighter". In Belchishte went on mini-football. About reminiscent of former glory a few lines in the Guinness Book of Records.
 The composition of the best team in football history, "Ilinden 1903" Velgoshti from the village, all the fans are required to memorize. Why Macedonians changed the goalkeeper during the match is unknown. Here are their names: Panda Yanoski (Ilche ​​Dzhoreski) Murgoski Elijah, Elijah Kevereski Costa Chingoski Elijah Bandeski Slobodan Chorveshoski (Elijah MALESKI) standing Yakovleski, Borough Baloski (captain), Givet Stojkovski, Ljube Tsrkovski, Naum Shapkaroski. The judge (so to say, the twelfth player) - Mitko Kuzmanovski.
 For dessert - excerpts from the post-match protocol.
 Elijah Ristevski coach "Mladost": "The organization is excellent. Referees sued good. The result, given the weakness of the team "Mladost" real ».
 Ljube Razmoski coach "Ilinden", "correct and fair game. Referees sued good. Given the importance of the meeting, the result is real ».
 Milivoj Levet, Coach "Debartsy": "Yellow cards are distributed correctly. Referees sued good ».
 According to the coach of the post-match protocol should be carved on tablets of gold and set on each of our stadium. Strange match does not happen. We have a great organization. Referees are judged good. Any questions? No questions. Thank you, goodbye.



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