Attraction with headphones

The story of my friend, who was very lazy to write a post about it, but I'll write.
The situation unfolded as follows: my friend and his girlfriend saw in the supermarket fun machine, where, at the request of the owners,
Headphones can be won at the cost of nearly 5,000, any other gadgets, and even Iphon just 25 rubles (as is another attempt to push yourself a new gadget).
And just need time to press the button on hover cue (vertical and horizontal) and get into the hole and push the prize.
Occupation is quite simple. Truth is given all 10s. But due skill as possible.


And, oh, a miracle !!! They succeeded. But it is not so simple. Headphones fell, but failed. (1 first possible cheating). The friend did not give up, and began to call to their Help Desk. But Tech support, probably not as insidious as the owners themselves "infernal machine," and it came after 20 minutes. The prize was awarded to!

Here they are, headphones, hands! Yadeks Market gave them a price of around 5,000 rubles. Is this not a success in just three attempts?

But on closer inspection, there is a certain suspicion. "The silver" design if not mounted properly. The very finish inspires confidence ... But come on! Verify, perhaps they work just the same as all the announced - amazing.

But here the trouble. One "ear" is inserted and the other - no. The ears checked - they are standard =), but the headset - no.


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