Use raw eggs— can you drink raw eggs

Today we will talk about the benefits of raw eggs. Opinion about the benefits of drinking raw eggs is quite ambivalent. But most of the arguments against it are mostly based on the possibility of catching salmonellosis, acute intestinal disease. This is how all the positive opinions more. Can I drink raw eggs? The answer, of course, positive. . Among all those people I personally know who drink raw eggs, there was no one who would suffer from this infection.

It is important to understand that to find fault with almost anything. If you hold a competition in which you will need to prove the riskiness of the use of products then there will be people who will do it. For example, useful or not bread. For example to prove that no, what next? To exclude it from the diet? And so every product.

Then you need to worry about preservatives, GMOs, dyes, and other nasties which are almost daily consumed with food. And the eggs leave alone. It is a product of high nutritional value. Not even asking never a question about the benefits of eggs, the answer is still obvious. The same concentration of useful substances for the body. And pure protein. But overdoing it is not worth it, too much to drink, too good will. And another thing, the preference should probably be given NOT to store-bought eggs. Has come to naught, the credibility of the entire store. If you have the opportunity to buy eggs from people who are engaged, raise chickens and sell eggs, buy from them.

And now will lead the pros and cons, giving You the opportunity to make this final choice.


Well, firstly it's delicious, those who drink eggs you know what I mean. Of habit, just starting to drink raw eggs, it's a little difficult to understand. Besides, initially many is a barrier, they say, is disgusting and is causing some of the Association. But then not many understand that it is not only NOT disgusting, but tasty. So that is definitely a plus. There is a risk of catching Salmonella. On poultry farms of course watching everyone have sanitary control. But still there is no 100% guarantee. So before using them it is better to thoroughly wash it, even with soap. And by the way there is an opinion in the people that salmonellosis is easier to pick up in store-bought eggs than at home. Since Salmonella is only on the surface of the shell and the inside can't get. In poultry, the shell is more thick and durable than the birds "Assembly line", where it is more friable and porous. This disadvantage is linked with salmonellosis. To fight with him to feed the birds add antibiotics, and then we used it. This is not good and who knows what else they stuffed in there on poultry farms. So that is a minus for store eggs, plus home. And it is generally believed that all home healthier and healthier. The obvious drawback for some people is the Genesis of Allergy and individual intolerance. Often the Allergy in children and usually almost always, it eventually passes. Opinion about the benefits of raw eggs for voice. There are pros and cons. As it is not yet all agreed on one. But many singers still before the performance bring your voice to the "order" in this way. Egg moisturizes the mucosa of the larynx and lubricates ligaments, makes for some time a voice more velvety, it improves the sound. The egg is really a storehouse of nutrients. It contains useful and valuable for the body's proteins and fats, and many vitamins. Such as A, D, E, H, PP, B3, B12. And a lot of trace elements: sodium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, calcium, iron. As well as: phosphorus, chlorine, manganese and iodine. Early it was believed that the level of blood cholesterol increases when you eat eggs and this is one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases. But today it is known that cholesterol in food and cholesterol in the blood have little to do. In addition, studies of cardiology have shown the harmlessness of cholesterol contained in the eggs for our body. This is because cholesterol is divided into two types: cholesterol in the diet (dietary) and cholesterol in the blood which produces the liver. And the blood also, in turn, is divided into two types: high density lipoproteins (HDL) and is considered bad, low-density lipoproteins (LDL). LDL is considered bad because it sticks to arterial walls. If its a lot, it can cause heart problems. That is food containing cholesterol his blood level does not increase. Good for all those involved in sport, building up muscle mass. In the egg contains pure protein, many athletes drink eggs or eat them boiled, drink protein shakes with added protein raw eggs. But, will not forget to say that when cooking certain foods, and frequent and a large part of useful substances is falling apart. The egg is also not an exception, but cooked egg protein is absorbed at 90% and cheese by 50%. This is due to anticipate, trypsin inhibitor. It reduces the secretory function of the glands of the digestive system and the activity of trypsin. Raw egg protein is much more effective than some pharmaceutical means lowers the acidity of gastric juice. In cosmetology is also used, for example, dandruff, wrinkles, hair loss, nourishes the skin. If anyone remembers before his head washed eggs instead of shampoo. And the head is not so fast dirty, and hair was stunning. Well, all this is enough to make your choice.




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