Secrets of Chinese production (42 photos)

The author tells about the trip to China, namely the plant for the production of cheap photo and video cameras, video recorders, and something there yet.
Very interesting trip, I advise you to browse.

Author: In this trip, I finally revealed the secret of the prosperity of some Chinese factories, unremarkable at first glance. Often, it happens: the market is falling, and the product is cheap, and the owner of the reason goes to the Panamera, the family went to Hong Kong and opened one factory after another.

In this case, the Chinese dream has come true for one of my friends, who is engaged in the production of cheap photo and video cameras, video recorders, and something there yet. These cameras are sold millions worldwide. Quite a lot is produced under license of Disney and Hello Kitty others. But in Russia there are almost no sales, so Chen, the owner of the business, all attempts to find any outlets to our market. Actually therefore called me pofotkat.

In the factory I went to Nadia - a sales manager for the cameras, which pretty well says in Russian. The boss sent us his BMW, traveled to the factory in style.

In the shops everything is standard - line conveyors, screwdrivers, soldering irons. Shipments to the Christmas holidays are already finished - most pipelines are empty.

Screws, springs. Assembly operations much smaller part - time consuming work.

Fill software.

A lot of testing. Here photographed a white sheet.

And then write down on a white piece of video. To test the sound using the sound of breaking glass - broadcast it through speakers in the test zone.

There are cameras pylevlagozaschischennye at IP67, for their personal bath.

The site repair. Despite the low cost, relatively expensive electronics, marriage is advantageous to repair.

In the next room are launching new products - MID. The plates, if in our opinion.

The plate - a piece is quite simple. There are suppliers of turnkey solutions, they have to buy a dress, attached to her screen, battery, something on the little things - and tuck into the body. That's all the production. In this scheme, the quality of the plate depends on the correct choice of suppliers and persistence in working with them.

Go to the shop motnazha PCBs. That portion of the bonding - splicing chip on the board. Operation just like in the production of microchips, but the chip is not mounted in a separate building, and directly on the printed circuit board.

Today, however, the bonding portion was idle - worked only team that makes the functional testing of finished boards.

I pass on the mounting surface. Girls hesitate camera, having fun.

Installing components do on old Samsung.

But there is quite a fresh machine. In total there are three lines.

Next - hand dopayka components.

Buttons are set manually.

Here, in fact, the entire production - go watch the lab. The path runs through the office and design.

There are testing optics. He remembered a matching pattern, which was shown on TV before.

In the next room, completely in the dark there are any measurements.

The color rendition.

And some kind of test, I did not understand. Can Exposure?

Please turn on the light. Surprise!

Go ahead. A standard set of temperature, humidity, vibration.

Various home-made mechanical tests.

Here, for example, checking the reliability of the connector. Pneumatic, fixing the camera - and drove.

Testing in the refrigerator. Here lit mark a major US customer.

And finally showroom. The camera takes very different rates of 5 to 50 dollars. Registrars expensive - from 20 to 40. 40 - it is HD. Lenses everywhere protozoa, such as in cell phones. Good lens can deliver, but who will buy it?

Nadia - contemporary Chinese self-made woman. The child, husband-customs officer, a private apartment in a good area. Good shorter.

We leave the yard. Three factory buildings stand right by the letter P. - camera, we were just there. Right - housing Cast, painting, silk-screen printing.
But the left - ...
Better to go, we look together.

On the ground floor showroom GD Display. This private company engaged in the assembly of televisions.

The pipeline is empty: they say there is no electricity. Possibly it is, but the real reason is different - and I already knew what.

Another destination! Traffic lights, road signs and placards.

We rise above - there is always sterile, are asked to wear slippers.

But still in the clean little room is not empty - Only through the window to say hello to an astronaut.

And here there are collected such devices: monitors for medical measurements. Give this monitor a patient, and it can measure their own blood pressure, pulse, pulse wave velocity, cardiogram and something there yet. Soon blood add. Analysis will immediately get to the hospital - physician can immediately make a decision.

Well, almost everything you can leave. Nadia claims before leaving the body color painting.

And I run to see the liteyku - may be interesting podglyazhu.

The secret of this prosperity, and many other similar plants is not going to tell. Suddenly, you also want to :)



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