Destruction of historical Moscow (9 photos)

In this photo you can see Alexander Garden near the Kremlin in Moscow last summer.
Linden alley was planted in 1947, trees were kept in good order.
But not for long this beauty pleased Muscovites, all cut down in the fall.
How this place looks like now, look at the cut.

Now, the main avenue of the Alexandrovsky Park looks like:

So Muscovites rest in the Alexander Garden in past years.

Now, these trees are no more, they cut down on someone's ill will, and in their place planted new trees, which grow even fifty years. Why was this done? Linden - one of the most dolgorastuschih trees. Usually, their age - about 120 years old and known instances of 800-1000 years. Why was it necessary to destroy the lime avenue age of 65 years? Who prevented it? They were healthy, strong trees that are planted immediately after the Great Patriotic War. This is our memory, our history.

However, much worse destroyed linden alley that comes close to Kutafia tower. The tower was built in 1516 under the leadership of one of the authors of the Moscow Kremlin Aleviz Milanese. Italian architect and built a tower at Trinity bridge leading to the Kremlin. It could lead the defense of the Kremlin from the enemy.

This year, some enemies of Russian history and culture began construction on both sides of the Moscow architectural masterpiece. Right and left Kutafia tower build two glass pavilion resembling flower stalls at the Kiev railway station.

Russians see what these bastards do Kutafia near the tower, which is nearly 500 years. The following year, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO will consider the state of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. The main monument of the country may exclude from the list of World Heritage sites because some asshole started near the Kremlin to build some stalls.

That's how it looks now - carved linden alley, market glass pavilion next to the tower and advertising Kutafia Korean company. Chekhov in "Cherry Orchard" is about everything already written.

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