Koto Digest ..

Koto humor. No One Writes to the Colonel.

Well, let's bathe Vassenka.

You Th say? Well come here!

I need to take vaaannu, drink a cup kooofe ...

Sneakers is temporarily unavailable.

TOC, my potatoes!

A shampoo will not?

Not drinking sake, for health.

People who urgently take me to handle.

Came home from work.

Autumn depresnyak.

I Tipo, on the beach.

Satellite TV.

You are the next ...

-Shoronitsya I need ...
(Gentlemen of Fortune)

Why are you doing this to me ...

Feed me here pour!

Push-up effect.

Vantage point.

In your absence-home without incident.

Honestly, in sneakers, it's not me!

Tell me tell me, I will listen carefully!

The hostess, not to thump!

A Th are you doing here? And?

Well - "Kwa»

Taking this opportunity, I want to say hello!

Erotic photo.

Give sausages!

Nothing I have in this life is not happy.

In koto low toner.

I said, quickly home!

Dunno from flowery town.



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