Caesura in the electronic media

In early December, Russia will have official censorship: Roskomnadzor starts clock monitoring online media using a special hardware and software. In compliance with Russian law will be checked not only text but also photos, audio and video - both editorial and uploaded by users. The level of technology development already is such that the total surveillance ceases to be science fiction. The only question is who and why information about each of us.

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The tip of the iceberg

The results of the tender for the development of "hardware and software control (PAC) of information and communication on the Internet" has been announced on April 21. Then the company was recognized as the winner of the "data center", which will offer a minimum price of work - 4, 6 million rubles. (maximum declared value of the contract amounted to 15 million), bypassed such players as "Medialogia", "Sophos 'and' Search-IT." From the tender documentation it is clear that the PAA will monitor all the content (articles, comments, multimedia) sites registered as mass media for the presence of words, expressions, and other labels from a given list of officials. Dictionary of expressions and keywords according to the terms of reference, to be replenished to 5 million records. Even though the details of the system is not entirely clear, experts estimate unanimously declared "data center" as the cost of understatement - taking into account the tasks set.

To clarify anything in the company "data center" we failed. Company Secretary AST (developer of software products on order, also provides services in the field of information security), who replied on we found the phone, brought us to the general director of "Data Center" (and the accountant-time) Ilya Korobeinikova, saying only that "data centers" " just located in the same office with the ACT. " But talking about the system that his company is developing to Roskomnadzor, Korobeynikov flatly refused, citing employment.

Roskomnadzor also were not particularly talkative, but confirmed that the control system really works in early December. However, representatives of the media are in no hurry to worry about. "Pursued by the project objectives are consistent with the goals set for the Roskomnadzor legislation. At first glance, there is no danger to the system is not the media is probably in trouble for certain radical bloggers, "- said the head of Media Lab" RIA Novosti "Vasily Gatow. "Opinion on the work of such a system, it will be possible only when the will be known list of keywords used for monitoring. Only then will we understand its true purpose. But it is already clear that the site is in a foreign jurisdiction and publications are not registered as the media, is not in danger "- is the opinion of the chief editor of the online publication" Private Correspondent "Ivan Zasursky. "As a rule, any criminal statements on websites owned by media readers expressed in the forums - says editor in chief Yuri Sinodov.- If I understand correctly, the state takes over the functions of the supreme superintendent forums. Theoretically, this should discipline the site owners - make them pay more attention to their own moderation, to devote more human and material resources to this task. "

Such systems have existed previously - in the service of commercial companies, but open interest of state structures for such monitoring expressed for the first time. It is doubtful whether these structures will be interested only in the media. "Today such decisions for themselves considering almost all supervisory and law enforcement agencies including the Ministry of Interior and the FSB" - suggests the deputy editor of the site "Agentura.Ru" Irina Borogan. And, of course, not all these systems are purchased through the official procedure of procurement. Open monitoring system - only the tip of the iceberg, sometimes even known to the public function of monitoring systems is much broader declared.
The omnipotence of the Big Brother gives rise to the legend for a long time. Today, any normal paranoid knows that the mobile phone even without the battery sends information about your location where it is necessary, Windows, prompting you for permission to transmit data error, actually transmits your passwords and photos, the LCD TV is watching you, even when turned off from the socket, and if you send an SMS with the words "al-Qaeda", "ammonium nitrate" and "plotting against the government", the general can take the night.

However, the possibility of the NSA (budget $ 15 billion in 2009) and the "Echelon", which appeared after the Second World War as the global system of listening to really great. "Today" Echelon "writes everything that passes through the cables, to which he can reach, - says Oleg Glebov of the marketing department of the company" Informzashita ".- Millions of users in other countries use the US communications services, all of this is caught." At the disposal of the NSA are tracking stations located around the world. For the interception on the territory of Russia, there is a special center of intelligence (the largest, by the way, the interception center NSA), located near Augsburg (Germany).

A new impetus for the development of "Echelon" was in 2001, after the tragedy of 9/11, when the Bush administration authorized the hunt for hackers worldwide. And in 2006, the US Senate ratified the law on cyberspace, which put paid to the privacy of Internet users.

In Russia, the role of "Echelon" performs SORM - System operational search activities. "Since the 1990s, all the telephone operators have to install equipment at SORM-1 for a smooth removal and analysis of telephone networks, including mobile, - says Arkady Prokudin, head of information security" IT ".- And since 2000 -x every Internet provider must install a SORM-2 equipment for unimpeded access to the intelligence services of information transmitted ».
Specialist, participates in the development of monitoring systems, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that the security services are actively increasing their technical capabilities, we are talking, for example, the use of supercomputers. He also confirmed the opinion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on that Facebook is now the greatest ever created tools for espionage (according to statements Assange, Google and Yahoo! also have interfaces designed specifically for the US intelligence). After the riots in London rioters photos posted them on the Internet "for friends", then pop up in the courts. As they were found is unknown. "There is a theory that social networks subsidized by the secret services, and possibly created with their participation, - says Oleg Glebov.- example, official information about the location of the data center" in contact "does not correspond to reality. And then where is he really? Who controls it? »
It is possible that the main result of the surveillance would be no reprisals and intrusive service, and soon, you risk to face the same situation as the hero of Tom Cruise in "Minority Report": surveillance system identifies you among hundreds of other people, when you go down the street and offer you at the nearest monitor to buy something. Even if you have no one on the internet and did not report that you need.



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