Maps of the world, which is not taught in school

Infographics - a favorite exercise in visual graphics, it involves design its ultimate logical, intuitive and easy making the most congested and confusing.

The new project from the world map, created by enthusiasts, is not so much a designer as curious. He carries a huge amount of data processed in the spirit of "Dear fans of this interesting┬╗.

Map popular types of alcoholic beverages

Map size breast

Map obesity levels

Map kind of movement on the roads

Map traditional use of the metric system of measurement

Gray - the countries that use the metric system of measurement
Red - countries that do not use the metric system of measurement

Map happiness

Map penis size

Map of the population's attitude towards tourists

Map the most popular sports

Map famous brands US states

Map popular Internet browsers

World Map capture social networks

Map level IQ

Map prevalence of restaurant chain McDonald's

Red - rampant
Blue - poorly distributed



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