Maps of the world, which is not taught in school

Infographics makes the most clear and simple overloaded and confusing, and this attracts designers around the world maps mira.Dizaynersky project carries a huge amount of data processed in the spirit of "Dear fans of this interesting┬╗.

We all remember the great map of the world, where countries were painted in different colors, depending on the amount of overlying oil, the degree of an agricultural country, the density of the population, and other social-democrats, geo-soil and watered-economy indicators.

These maps of the world is nothing like that. But there is a map with the countries in which the residents of the largest primary and secondary sexual characteristics, which are the most intelligent and happy citizens, where some social network dominates and who still continues to believe in the peaceful atom.

Map size breasts (We Are The Champions) 93,856,023

Map sizes penisov

Map of the population's attitude to turistam

Map the most popular types sporta

Map-known brands in the states SSHA

Map popular Internet browsers

World Map capture sotssetyami

Map level IQ

Map prevalence of restaurant chain McDonald's

Red - rampant

Blue - poorly distributed

Map obesity levels

Map kinds of traffic on the roads

Map traditional use of the metric system of measurement

Gray - the countries that use the metric system of measurement

Red - countries that do not use the metric system of measurement

Map schastya

Maps are based on an open source:,,,,



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