When you are not afraid of losing...

Ease comes to business and relationship when you don't do big bets on life and are not afraid to lose anything. This is humility. It is usual honest to himself. Tomorrow is unpredictable. The next second is unpredictable. To expect something – is to deceive ourselves. All expectations lead to a painful understanding of the differences that inevitably arise between fantasy and reality.

The ease of which I speak is not disregard lightheadedness and not pig looseness. It is the condition whennothing is expected, knowing that the life always and everyone makes their own way, but continue to operate.

In the next hour of your life can happen anything.

Humanly is really a difficult and ambiguous matter. And all because at this stage of their life scenarios almost every Packed to capacity with personal ideas about how life should be.

Hopes and expectations – these are the psychological desire, which the Buddha described as the source of human suffering. In this sense, the lightness of being – that there is spiritual clearness.

The tragedy of life arises together with the desires. The higher the rate on the particular scenario, the more fear that things will go differently. And this "else", meanwhile, may be no worse than expected development of the life story. But the desire to have this insidious ability to instill that any balance beyond the desired expected, lead to unhappiness. Such a "sink or swim" in psychology called dichotomous – that is, black-and-white thinking.

Sounds like the diagnosis? But this "disease", in varying degrees, infected each.

There is nothing definite. Choice, fate – these are all attempts to catch non-existent. How do we know, what should be the life? Why cling to your own illusions? Mistakes are inevitable. They give the experience that allows them to get around.

Sometimes you need to break the relationship, to get involved in the issue, have kids and then get divorced, childish, turn up their noses, tame, and then lose confidence, a good lie, drink, hit on the wall... to see... to your real experience.

There are no fools. One cannot and should not otherwise. There are only experienced and inexperienced – everyone in your life progression.

Somehow I had a very vivid dream where I was flying in a large passenger aircraft on a busy day amidst the city's tall buildings. The flight looked very dangerous, the wings of the aircraft with a roar touched the walls, felt the anxiety, but along with it the credibility of reality and some kind of joyful magic from an exciting journey. Something inside seemed to understand that worry is useless if the plane goes down, there is nothing we can do about it. Therefore, most of the attention was confined to careening homes, busy roads and streets, to recognise what is going on as a wonderful journey.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to relate with the same ease. But this dream became a sort of index of the lighthouse on the way. The ease and humility of which I speak is not inactivity, but action in spite of overwhelming uncertainty, which we so diligently escape into dreams of the mind. It is not disregard for the fate of their own body, and a clear understanding that the body is mortal and, sometimes, sudden death. I myself difficult to accept this fact, something inside resists. But the deeper understanding of this truth, the more personal freedom, more lightness towards life.

I remember Castaneda warrior and a man of knowledge, the main adviser of which is death behind your left shoulder. The warrior acts without expecting awards, seeks freedom, no matter what does not complain, has no regrets, doesn't take himself seriously. He laughs at yourself and the seriousness of life.

Sad news: we all die; the earth accumulation and worry in this world are worth nothing. Good news: sad and worry about it, it is not necessary; life is like a fascinating journey.

Everyone seemed in the same plane carried in its present. We have a choice, there is a certain measure of control, but all personal freedom due to the experience and surrounding reality. At any moment can happen unexpected.

It is an alarming fact, but if not to accept, it only gets worse: the meaningless reality turns into a deadly battle against the inevitable. published


Author: Igor Satorin


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