18 animals which were waiting for dinner like manna from heaven. Their reaction to the food just great!

Meal - a sacred thing, not only for humans but also for animals. No, the question now is not about gluttony. After all, I agree that everyone loves to eat. Not only love, but also the feeling of hunger is capable of performing miracles. It's like in the commercials, "You - you are not as hungry." That is why everything connected with food, for us and for our little brothers is the most genuine and sincere feelings and emotions. Sometimes the reaction to the dish at the four-legged very much fun!

It's 18 animals, which were waiting for their lunch or dinner like manna from heaven. That is hilarious! For a long time I did not laugh ...

Leave me and my food of the gods alone, man!

Never will not give!

Infernal patience ...

How do I know where your bread and butter, cucumbers and juicy sausage?

Are you sure that we should wait for your Valery? Maybe it will start right now? B>

Yes how dare you to dine without me?

The hostess, help in the kitchen or you yourself handle it?

Just a friendly reminder.

Well, well, now I'll feed you. Just do not look at me like that! B>

I pro-oh-oh-oh-wait a hundred snakes-and-on-and zde-ee ...

For a company tastier.

I Can not wait phrase: "Dinner is served, sir». B>

Bring me the additive - and quickly!

Cat's dinner is ready.

Mind you, I've been watching every movement of your spoon ...

You could have somehow more alive to respond to such a delicacy!

I wonder what it is - to absorb the entire food value with your own head.

Have you ever seen a dog-vegetarian? Yes, there he is! B>

The very spontaneity and charm! I wanted to eat something tasty and at the same time feed their hvostatikov. I'll go to the kitchen, and you share this fun post with his friends!

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