How did the actors cult "Home Alone." Since then 25 years have passed ...

The film "Home Alone" was already as "Irony of Fate" - a mandatory program for the New Year. A good family comedy about a boy who forgot to take a trip, like if not all, then most. But the first part was filmed in 1990, it has held for 25 years. Much time has passed under the bridge since then. The actor, who played a major role, was up more than once found himself in a scandalous situation, and that of other artists, too, in their own fate. We just suggest you see how in this time the actors have changed the first two parts of the film. Someone has grown, some old, and some have already died ... Well, let's look!

Let's start with the leading man - Macaulay Culkin.

And a little more fresh photos ...

Catherine O'Hara

John Heard

Joe Pesci

Daniel Stern

Devin Rattray

Jerry Bemmen

Kieran Culkin

Brenda Fricker

Rob Schneider

Tim Curry

Dana Ivey

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