19 "lucky", which is certainly less fortunate than you ... And you say: the day failed.

You got off on the wrong foot? In the morning you have everything goes wrong? Unable to concentrate on the essentials and work hard? A reprimand from the boss was the last straw? If it makes you feel any better, someone today had significantly worse. These guys certainly can not be called pets fortune. Their fate does not favor success. From her they had to drink the cup of all. But it was the last straw ...

It is 19 shots that at the mere sight of them cause pandemonium horror. No luck so unlucky!

Probably breakfast today canceled ...

Everything ... Now I'm on the rides or foot!

Oops, and he was so close to a victory ...

Now, next time try to ask his father a car.

That's what the law of meanness.

What a horror!

This guy not to be envied.

It has already, in fact, it is ...

And the mother said, "Do not stick your nose where it is not necessary!»

To put it mildly, no luck ...

And that was the last roll ...

It looks like the mechanic can not go to work on Monday.

The phrase "till death do us part," the bride will remember for a long time ...

This is instead of a cup of morning coffee. Vivacity enough for the whole day! B>

This is why today we will again have dinner semi.

«I go to the entrance and take out the key, but the key did not fit. What? » B>


Race for survival.

This she - female friendship ...

Yeah, I would not want to be in place of the "lucky ones." However, if I was in the same situation, I would have nothing to do but to take to an event with irony. In fact, the ability to laugh at themselves - very valuable. Show these terrible pictures of your friends, who until recently saw themselves as losers.

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